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Mindroid v7.0 (Pro) Apk

Mindroid is an audio-visual stimulation (AVS) application also known as brainwave entrainment or mindmachine (Brain Wave Entrainment or BWE)

It provides each of your cerebral hemispheres with a signal (audible and visual) with a slightly different frequency to stimulate your brain waves. For more information on this phenomenon please refer to this Wikipedia post

The purpose of this application is to induce a state of mind conducive to relaxation, meditation, productivity, improved learning or sleep, depending on the program selected.

WARNING! Mindroid should not be used by users with seizures or heart conditions. By clicking Finish below you acknowledge that you have read this disclaimer and that you will use this application at your own risk. The author of this app cannot be held responsible for any health issues possibly caused by Mindroid.

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