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meditorium v2.2.16 Flatrate Unlocked APK

Our audio revision courses for medical studies – the most important of internal medicine and many other subjects systematically processed and summarized – by us fresh “ex-students” for you still students, PJ students and exams stressed.

Great for introducing a topic without a pig, at the beginning of the semester or during the PJ, but also for learning and repeating before the exams – especially for the oral state examination – so that you don’t get worried about your desk: For example, when jogging daily, on the train or while cooking .


Certainly you are doing as we have been so often: You have a marathon learning phase ahead of you, time is short as always and you are already dreading being tied to your desk. In addition, the weather forecast is great …
Or you are starting a new semester and actually you have always planned to learn not before the exam, but continuously – but the bastard is too big to sit down at the book now?
Or do you just want to repeat a topic that you had actually learned, but appears to be gone forever after two weeks?

In order to make medical life a little easier in these situations, we started meditorium. Instead of boring you in tenacious, 90-minute lectures on epidemiology and current studies or filtering out the relevant from thick standard works, we will summarize the most important things in 5-30-minute audio podcasts – condensed, relevant to the exam and understandable. We explain the physio precisely enough so that the illnesses can be understood, we sometimes leave out information on epidemiology or the like that is irrelevant to practice or exams, so that your brain has space for what is important. Do you think you learn better visually?

Many say that, and then they are enthusiastic – if you listen carefully, you learn even more deeply and some things are explained much more vividly. One overlooks a lot in the book and cannot reproduce it later. So that the most important thing really sticks, we build in a lot of repetitions. Just give it a try.

Our audio tutorials are easy to listen to in between without having to overcome your weaknesses and at the same time use your time very effectively.
Because with the app, the whole thing is totally mobile, so that you are not tied to the desk, but can learn where you want and use your time optimally in stressful phases.
At the lake, in the S-Bahn, while jogging, cooking or in the bathtub – this is how you learn the most important internal facts in a relaxed manner almost on the side.
– Ideal for first coming in during clinical traineeships or before the exam after the bib to actually repeat something, as you always do.

The app comes with “Angio” as a sample chapter for Umme. If you like it, you can subscribe to all of the content – whatever suits you, either only for 2-3 months of learning time, for a year or as an unlimited flat rate, so that you can repeat something during your internship, e.g. after work and also benefit from future chapters. If you are only interested in a specific chapter, you can also buy unlimited access to it.
Attention, you have to cancel subscriptions in good time via your Google Play account, otherwise they will be renewed automatically. This is what Google intends to do, not us. But it’s very easy.

Have fun !
Luk & Schiwi

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