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MDGramYou v7.0 (Mod) latest version APK

releaseMDGramYou is an UNOFFICIAL messaging application that uses the Telegram API with a completely revamped and beautiful UI design.
————————————————– ———————————————
Obviously it retains all the advantages of official Telegram.

————————————————– ———————–
Website: https://rcmods-apps.xyz/
Channel: https://t.me/mdmods_you
Group: https://t.me/mdgramG
————————————————– ——————————-

MDGramYou features:

+ New home screen design, chat, settings, icons.
+ Redesigned chat bubbles
+ Change font style
+ Drawer customization
+ Redesign of the chat voice
+ Custom emoji character
+ 2 styles of chat action bar
+ Chat translator
+ Option to forward direct messages from MDgramYou to WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber
+ Sticker resizing
+ Option to insert your name in the title of the house.
+ And much more to discover for yourself.


• Splitter into Arm & arm64
• Trash Removed from Root Path of APK
★ Mod by RBMods

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