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MDGram v6.0 (Telegram Mod) (Official) APK

The Telegram app syncs seamlessly across all your devices and can be used on desktops, tablets, and phones and can also send an unlimited number of messages, photos, videos, and files. Usually used by a company, namely as a communication tool between the company’s leadership to its employees, between employees and other employees.

Telegram Mod can be used to send photos, audio, videos, stickers, and various kinds of files with a large size, which is 1.5 Gb. Unlike the Telegram application, which only limits sending, only 16 Mb.

We also built Telegram to make messaging fast and secure, without the usual warnings.

What is MDGram?

MDGram APK is a Telegram Client mod that works with Telegram. Otherwise, the most unique and distinguishing feature of MDGram is its look.

Features of MDGram Messenger:

+ The design has been updated.
+ Icons have been updated.
+ Options for privacy in Material Design
+ MODs.
+ Others.

Features Telegram MDGram:

  • Base Updated Telegram 7.8.0
    Change Package Name to
    fix Notification push-in device close
    Added Actiobar chat style
    Added icon mode night/day in Home
    And Added option to show or hide icon mode theme night/day
    Added forward without mention
    Fix home UI
    Fix Small Bugs
    Added Theme Amoled
    Added Translate PT, Brasil Indonesia Language
    And much more, find out for yourself
    And many other options

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