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mcpro24fps manual video camera v039 (Paid) APK

mcpro24fps manual video camera Paid APK

mcpro24fps Perhaps the most parameter-rich cinematic video camera for Android devices. Writes 10-bit to Sony Xperia 5 and Xperia 1 devices. Quite flexible app that can be customized to fit your device.
For any questions, please contact info@mcprotector.lv.

Technical LUTs: https://mcprotector.lv/technical-luts/


1. Support for multiple cameras (if possible);
2. Save the settings of each camera separately;


1. Support 24, 25, 30 and 60 fps recording, depending on device capabilities;
2. Support for all resolutions specified in Camera2 API;
3. Support for two codecs: AVC (h264) and HEVC (h265);
4. Supports bit rates up to 500MB / s, depending on device capabilities;
5. Hardware noise reduction parameters;
6. Material sharpening parameters;
7. Hot pixel hardware correction settings;
8. Supports optical and digital stabilization, depending on device capabilities and manufacturer permissions;
9. Configuration of log profiles via a tone curve according to the capabilities of the device;
10. Definition of the tone curve via the GPU;
11. Image adjustment via additional GPU filters;
12. Additional noise reduction thanks to the GPU;
13. Configure GOP;

14. Flicker elimination for automatic exposure mode;
15. Different white balance modes depending on device capabilities (some devices claim to support manual BB, but it doesn’t work properly);
16. Two exposure modes: manual and automatic;
17. Adjustment of automatic exposure compensation;
18. Three focus modes: continuous automatic, automatic touch, manual;
19. Three types of crop zoom: up to video size, x2.0 and maximum;
20. 10 bit support for LG V35 / V40 / V50 / G7 / G8, Sony Xperia1 / Xperia5, Samsung S10 / S20 Snapdragon, Xiaomi Mi9 / Pro / T / T Pro, Asus Rog Fon II.
21. Adjusting the density of the points of the tone curve (relevant for 64 points and less)
22. Bit rate mode (variable / constant), if possible
23. Adjusting the distortion correction


1. Support for different sound sources;
2. Support for different sample rate;
3. Support AAC bit rate up to 510KB / s;
4. The ability to save sound to a WAV file;
5. The possibility of integrating WAV into MP4 after recording (the recording time of a clip is limited by the system of the device).


1. The lost frame counter;
2. Video size counter in the record button;
3. Convenient manual focus control;
4. In manual focus mode, you can double click to increase preview for more precise focus;
5. Ability to limit manual focus up and down (press the limiter button twice);
6. Convenient crop zoom control;
7. Saving Log Profile Presets:
8. Saving GPU curve profile presets;
9. Automatic white balance manual and auto-lock;

10. Ability to save presets for white balance settings;
11. Manual and automatic lock for automatic exposure;
12. In manual exposure mode, it is possible to modify the exposure according to the frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz;
13. Flashlight (if the device supports it);
14. Fix the orientation of the camera;
15. Two types of histograms: luminance and RGB;
16. Focus picking;
17. Zebra; Zebra limits adjustments;
18. Eleven types of grid;

19. Anamorphic previeww desqueeze (the video remains stretched);
20. Start / stop recording on volume buttons or separate camera button;
21. Three kinds of screen brightness;
22. The possibility to select the medium on which the video will be recorded (to record on an SD card, a very fast card is necessary);
23. Selecting the size of a single video (on many devices there is a limitation of 4 GB);
24. The ability to write videos in overlapping chunks or one by one;
25. Indication of focus position in automatic continuous focus mode;
26. Automatically save most settings.
27. LUT overview

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