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Math Tricks v2.44 (Unlocked) APK

This program is dedicated to showing you a bunch of fun math tricks that will help you solve some basic math problems very quickly.
You can perform these tricks as shown in the application, with your friends to prove to them how talented you are.

Math tricks:
*the proposal
*Multiplication table
* Multiply a two-digit number by 11
* Square of numbers ending in 5
* Multiply by 5
*Multiply by 9
* Multiplication x 4
* Division ÷ 5
* Subtraction from 1000
*Hard multiplications
*Powers of number 2
* Add numbers close to hundreds
* Subtract numbers close to hundreds
* Multiply numbers between 11 and 19
The square of numbers between 90 and 99
* Multiplying two-digit numbers with the same tens digit and the sum of the ones * equals 10
The square of numbers between 50 and 59
* Square numbers between 40 and 49
* Multiply two-digit numbers with ones digit 1
* Calculation by method -1-
The square of numbers between 100 and 109
* Calculation by method -2-
* Multiplication x 15

This free version of Math Tricks contains third party ads.

The app uses the following APIs and libraries:
* MPAndroidChart – created by Philipp Jahoda
* ColorPIcker – created by Piotr Adamus


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