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Mango Languages Personalized Language Learning v5.28.0 (Premium) SAP Apk

Download the Mango app to learn a new language on the go with hands-free functionality and offline accessibility. Prepare for business trips, family vacations, or study abroad with hands-on, conversation-based language courses.

Start now:

Try your first lesson for free in any language!

Equipped with authentic content, interactive features and algorithmic review activities, the Mango system is designed to fit your individual learning journey.

In our comprehensive course units, you will simultaneously learn vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, and culture through interactive words and phrases, pronunciation pointers, and cultural information.

Popular features:

⚔ Language courses approved by linguists
• Content conforms to international standards
⚔ Practical and real conversations
• Native audio
⚔ Individualized examination system
• Interactive listening and reading exercises
⚔ Essential cultural information
• Designed with ADA standards in mind
⚔ Bluetooth synchronization
• Automatic reading for on-the-go learning
⚔ Pre-downloadable courses
• 24/7 customer support


Courses available for English speakers:

⚔ Arabic (Egyptian)
• Arabic (Iraqi)
⚔ Arabic (Levantine)
• Arabic (modern standard)
⚔ Armenian
• Azerbaijani
⚔ Bengali
• Chinese (Cantonese)
⚔ Chinese Mandarin)
• Croatian
⚔ Czech
• Cherokee
⚔ Danish
• Dari
⚔ Dutch
• Dzongkha
⚔ Filipino (Tagalog)
• Finnish
⚔ French
• French Canadian)
⚔ German
• Greek
⚔ Ancient Greek)
• Greek (Koine)
⚔ Haitian creole
• Hawaiian
⚔ Hebrew (modern)
• Hebrew (biblical)
⚔ Hindi
• Hungarian
⚔ Icelandic
• Indonesian
⚔ Igbo
• Irish
⚔ Italian

• Japanese
⚔ Javanese
• Kazakh
⚔ Korean
• Latin
⚔ Malaysian
• Malayalam
⚔ Norwegian
• Pashto
⚔ Persian (Farsi)
• Polish
⚔ Portuguese (Brazilian)
• Potawatomi
⚔ Punjabi (Pakistani)
• Romanian
⚔ Russian
• Scottish Gaelic
⚔ Serbian
• Slovak
⚔ Spanish (Latin America)
• Spanish (Castilian)
⚔ Swahili
• Swedish
⚔ Tamil
• Telugu
⚔ Thai
• Turkish
⚔ Tuvan
• Ukrainian
⚔ Urdu
• Uzbek
⚔ Vietnamese
• Yiddish

English courses available:

⚔ English for Arabic speakers (Egyptian)
• English for Arabic speakers (modern standard)
⚔ English for Armenian speakers
• English for Bengali speakers
⚔ English for Chinese speakers (Cantonese)
• English for Chinese speakers (Mandarin)
⚔ English for French speakers
• English for German speakers
⚔ English for Greek speakers
• English for Haitian Creole speakers
⚔ English for Hmong speakers
• English for Italian speakers
⚔ English for Japanese speakers
• English for Korean speakers
⚔ English for Polish speakers
• English for Portuguese speakers (Brazilian)
⚔ English for Russian speakers
• English for Somali speakers
⚔ English for Spanish speakers (Latin American)
• English for Turkish speakers
⚔ English for Vietnamese speakers


Get full access:

Want to learn more than one lesson? You can get full access to all of our language courses by linking your profile to a library / institution that offers Mango near you or by purchasing a subscription. There are two types of subscriptions:

• All Access monthly subscription: automatically renewable monthly subscription.

• Annual subscription to all access: annual subscription renewable automatically.

If you have a question, comment, or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@mangolanguages.com.

Terms of use:


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