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Magnifier Plus-Magnifying Glass with Flashlight v4.4.9 (Mod) (Premium) APK

Are you tired of trying to read labels with small fonts? Now you can use your Android device as the perfect digital magnifier.

There is no need to take a magnifying glass when reading small labels, with this app you will see the text big and clear.

Magnifier zooms on the screen and has lighting controls so you can change easily, you can also use the flash as a flashlight in order to get a better picture, or turn on the color negative mode.

There is also a still image feature which will allow you to freeze the image so that you can read it comfortably. Once you freeze the image, you can save it or share it if you want.

Try this app now and stop worrying about text you can’t read!

Main Features:

✓ high magnification factor
✓ zoom and exposure controls
✓ flashlight for low light situations
✓ negative mode
✓ freeze, save or share images
✓ impressive visibility image of
✓ Really easy to use


The quality of the image is directly related to the quality of your device’s camera. Also the functionality offered is subject to the hardware capabilities of the camera. Like for example, some devices do not have zoom, flash or auto focus.

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