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Magnifier & Microscope+ [Cozy] v6.0.0 (Patched) APK

This application turns your phone into a functional and easy-to-use magnifier.
Don’t hold a magnifying glass anymore. =)

★ Recommended Mother’s Day apps! – By Google Korea
★Best App! – By TheSmokingAndroid
★ Magnifier recommended by many media!

* Features
⊙ magnifier (digital magnifying glass)
⊙ Microscope (x2, x4)
⊙ LED flashlight
⊙ Macro Camera
⊙ Freeze Magnifier Screen
⊙ Built-in Image Viewer
⊙ Color filters (negative, sepia, mono)
⊙ Text color filters (white, black, green, yellow)
⊙ Saves a WYSIWYG image
⊙ and more

* Plus version features
★ No ads
★Enhanced Gallery
★ Enhanced text color filters

Do you use a magnifying glass to read small text?
Do you need a large magnifier to read a small semiconductor model number?
And Do you use a microscope to observe insects or small plants?
Do you want to take macro photos easily?

The great solution is here!

Use your phone as a handy magnifier!
Use your phone as an easy-to-use microscope!
And Use your phone as a handy macro camera!

1. Magnifier
– Adjustable zoom.
Zoom in or out using pinch gestures.
Continuous auto focus (if applicable).
– Support instant zoom out function to find a target.

2. Freeze screen
– Freeze the magnified screen to see it steadily.
Useful in unstable situations such as moving cars.
– Focused screen freeze by pressing the screen for a long time.

3. Microscope
– Zoom in over magnifier mode. (x2, x4)

4. Color filters
– Photo color filters (negative, sepia, mono).
– Text color filters (white, black, green, yellow).

5. LED flashlight
Useful in the dark.
The volume down button can turn the flashlight on and off as well.

6. Take pictures
– Take pictures by pressing the camera button.
-And Take pictures by pressing the volume up button as well.
– Supports WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) image saves.

* The quality of the magnified image depends on the capabilities of your phone’s camera.
*Some devices cannot use some functions.
* This is not a real microscope. 😉


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