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Magic Fluids v1.9.2 (Paid) Apk

Touch the screen and experience this amazing and realistic fluid physics simulator that you can interact and play with. Beautiful visual effects give an unusual feel. Experiment with endless configurations, find the perfect one, and best of all, make it your live wallpaper!

TOUCH THE SCREEN and enjoy a mesmerizing movement of flowing swirls moving, sometimes slow, silent and elegant, other times dynamic, satisfying and trippy.

CALM AND RELAX as you draw and watch peaceful flows move through space and eventually settle into colorful patterns. Magic Fluids will help you sleep, meditate, restore balance, relieve stress and anxiety.

GET CREATION and, with the touch of your finger, bring elegant patterns of paint and particles to life. If you love abstract digital art or acrylic for painting, you will love Magic Fluids! You can create awesome eye-catching designs that look like swirls, galaxies, liquid, fire, light, smoke, lava, and more!

DOODLE ON YOUR HOMESCREEN – Magic Fluids can be used as live wallpapers or regular apps.

Smooth simulation in your pocket! Touch the screen and create beautiful movements of colorful smoke and water. Calm down and relax as you watch magical, trippy swirls of flowing colors. Show artistic creativity and design, satisfying paint and particle patterns.


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