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Magic DosBox v1.0.83 (Full) (Paid) APK

A highly optimized and fast DOSBox port for Android with unique control system to play wherever you are without the need for external hardware. Play DOS and Windows with the preferred full mouse, keyboard, sound and gamepad support with friends over the IPX network.

Please visit our website for widgets and other material. It helps you get started. There you can find information on how to add game to the collection, how to create virtual dpad or screen buttons and how to style them.

NOTE: Games are not included. It is emulator which can run your own back games. Screenshots are used to show DOSBox capabilities and magic functionality only in a truthful and not misleading manner !!

NOTE: The games used in the screenshots

– Wacky wheels

This game is licensed by the Realms 3D Company (www.3drealms.com). I want to send my thanks to 3D Realms for allowing us to use their in-game screenshots from this game.

– Spellcross
– Quadrax

These games are licensed from the Cauldron Company (www.cauldron.sk) and we are using this screenshot with permission from Cauldron. Thank you.

Thanks for these great games.

Features :

– game collection, each game profile can be highly customizable
– possibility to create a shortcut on the game desktop
– import / export / duplicate the profile with the layout of the designed set. Used for sharing arrangements with friends
– Multi-language support (Slovak, English, German, Russian, French)
– 10 kinds of different onscreen widgets / buttons with tens settings (3 widgets in free version)
– on-screen widgets: key, mouse, absolute and relative switch, Dpad, Widgets grouping Notes widget, Walkthrough, Combo, and more …
– the different modes, the main ones are the design mode and the reading mode
– Unlimited number of onscreen widgets / buttons with custom image, text, background image and custom screen position. Text and image inside widget can be resized and positioned by your needs

– dozens of painted images and background images for widget style. Possibility to add your own
– absolute and relative mouse
– Samsung stylus holder includes button
– Support for joystick x360, nvidia screen controller and other external controllers
– support for physical mouse
-And support for sound blaster and pc speaker
– mappable sliding gestures

– Longpress, double tap, two point gestures
– Supports * .iso, * .gog, * and * .inst cue ogg support
– screenshots in game with the gallery. Useful if you need to remember in adventure or rpg
– fast emulation with abundance optimizations
– locking of landscape or portrait orientation
– resizable screen with custom position
– Network support – IPX and serial modem.
– forum and website
– support for Android 4.0+


It all happened so suddenly. Massive disasters from the sky above and below the deepest has been scorching our southern land. The rivers turned black red and the sky. And that they appeard. No one has seen them for centuries … orcs, demons and alien forces. And even more! Messengers were bringing news about the long dead people who had been resurrected from their graves. That night I saw him dragon with my own eyes. Despair is everywhere. All brave heroes are called to arms by our king. Join his mighty army to fight for glory. I have to admit that “the magic is back to earth!” ”


DOSBox is magic DOSBox port for Android. It is the result of hard work.You can look at our website imejl.sk for more information. And It is still in development, but can help you orient yourself.

It was originally developed by the DOSBOX team and allows you to run games and applications for the DOS platform. This port is optimized for touchscreen devices. The main goal is to play your old games wherever you don’t have the external hardware with you.

This is the given version, it has all widgets available and no limit on the number of games in the collection. But please check the free version first.

Please refer to the homepage for details and GPL

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

I invite you to join our official channel on Telegram to get the best exclusive free and paid apps

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