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Luminous Poweramp Skin v8.3 (Paid) APK

Luminous Poweramp Skin APK

Luminous Poweramp Skin is a white skin material for Poweramp 3. You can change almost anything to make Poweramp look material, minimalist, transparent and stunning. This skin is carefully developed and emphasizes stability while having a lot of customization.
Compared to Aurora and Luminous Black, this skin is designed for those who like a white interface as there are different choices of white background colors such as soft and pastel.
This skin supports Poweramp Equalizer.

Available features:


• 2 player user interface layout
• 36 material accent colors
• 17 white background colors
• Centered title
• Art Blur Album
• Blurred background color overlay
• Transparent background
• Transparent background opacity
• Radius of dialog box corners
• Radius of the corners of the search field
• Radius of toast corners
• Radius of wavy corners


• 3 sets of library icons
• Library icon color
• Library icon size
• 4 sets of navigation icons
• Navigation icon color
• Size of navigation icon
• 4 sets of equalizer icons
• Color of the equalizer icon
• Size of the equalizer icon
• 4 sets of V.T.R.S icons
• Color of the V.T.R.S icon
• Size of the V.T.R.S icon
• 3 sets of header icons
• 7 Play / Pro icon sets
• 4 sets of cover disc icons
• 3 star rating icon sets
• 3 sets of ranking icons


• 28 font styles
• Font sizes
• Capitalize
• Color styles of accented titles
• Text color
• Navigation text color


• Background / header overlay opacity
• Element header background opacity
• Header overlay
• Radius of selected track corners
• Selected track margins
• Alt color of the selected track


• 2 navigation styles
• Navigation background color
• Radius of navigation corners
• Player UI navigation background
• Offset navigation bar
• Navigation indicator
• Force Black navigation bar
• Transparent navigation bar

Knob and equalizer

• 6 styles of knobs and equalizers
• 4 forms of equalization
• 5 Eq Spectrum
• Highlighted button
• Highlighting the equalizer
• 2 volume panel backgrounds
• 8 volume panel buttons
• 5 volume panel sizes

Album cover

• Transition of 6 albums
• Personalized transition
• 6 sizes of UI album art
• 5 player UI album art corners
• 5 library album art corners
• Dynamic corners
• Shadow of album art (player user interface, grid view, list view)

Player controls

• Play button (inverted colors)
• 4 styles of wave bars
• 4 Wave search bar styles
• 7 simple search bar styles
• 8 styles of Pro buttons
• Pro button sizes
• Pro button margins


• Follow the radius of the corners of the title background
• Track the opacity of the title background
• Note and opacity of the background of the follow buttons
• Flat user interface
• Transparent status bar
• Elapsed time and transparent duration


• Hide track menu button
• Hide the note
• Hide the V.T.R.S buttons
• Hide elapsed time and duration
• Hide the Wave search bar
• Hide audio information
• Hide the equalization lines
• Hide the spectrum frequency line
• Hide the spectrum frequency curve
• Hide the previous and next category buttons
• Hide buttons for previous and next songs
• Hide the mini-player from the album cover
• Hide outline buttons

Language support
English, Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Japanese, Spanish

You can quickly access skin settings by long pressing the hamburger / menu button in the Poweramp navigation

This skin is not compatible with the old version of Poweramp 3 and Huawei with Android 7.0

About the developer
I work alone to develop this skin, not as a team.
Mixed Pixel is just the name of my business. However, I try to give you the best Poweramp skin available on the Playstore and will provide updates for as long as possible.

Enjoy Luminous Poweramp Skin!

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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