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Logcat Extreme Pro v1.9 (Paid) APK

Logcat Extreme Pro APK

This is Logcat Extreme Pro the Pro/Donate version of Logcat Extreme with all features unlocked. If you were on the free version, just uninstall it, it’s no longer needed.

Logcat Extreme is an enhanced Logcat/Dmesg reader and Logcat recorder that comes with a rich set of features and a convenient user interface.

Please note: Logcat Extreme Pro requires root access or READ_LOGS permission to display logs correctly. For non-rooted devices to grant READ_LOGS permission, connect to a computer and copy/paste the following ADB command:
“adb shell pm grant scd.lcexpro android.permission.READ_LOGS”

New UI (update 1.5):
the user interface has been drastically improved again. Now a slicker, more user-friendly pure material design. All with the goal of providing a high quality application for your logcats.

Introducing “Floating Logcat” (update 1.1):
a wonderful new feature powered by StandOut that allows you to keep logcat at the top right while you work on your device – perfect for your tests! the logcat is displayed inside a window that you can move, resize and even minimize like a desktop one.

* Read live logcat
* Pause and resume
*Record (even in the background)
* Send logs by mail
* Apply filters (priority level format, etc.)
*Search box for quick filtering
* Many options to configure the logcat
* Read kernel debug messages (dmesg)
*Intuitive controls to access all features with ease
* New “Logcat by Application” feature!
* Revolutionary “Floating Logcat” feature!
*Resizable floating window even with pinch to zoom

– To start a new floating Logcat session, tap the last button on the right (bottom bar).
– To resize the floating Logcat, drag the bottom right corner of the window.

Developers Corner:

As of version 1.3, developers can use intent actions and extras to launch the
logcat recorder directly from your applications:

“scd.lcexpro.ACTION_REC” starts recording

“scd.lcexpro.ACTION_STOP” stop recording and associated service

Using logcat filter “scd.lcexpro.EXTRA_FILTER” (string optional) together with ACTION_REC

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