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Lighting calculations 5.0.3 (PRO) Apk

Description of the application

| Lighting calculations | is the best app in the field of lighting, it has a lot of calculations which can help you in your work. It can not be missing in your smartphone |

Main calculations:

Calculation of total flux, Quantity of luminaires, Calculation of luminous efficiency, Color code fluorescent tubes, Power factor correction, Luxmeter, Power supply for led tape, Floor lighting, Lamp economy, Photobiological safety of LEDs, Specific power.


Lumens | Lux, Lux | Lumens, Lumens | Watts, Watts | Lumens, Lux | Watts, Watts | Lux, Lumens | Candela, Candela | Lumens, Candela | Lux, Lux | Candela, Lux | Foot-Candela, Compare power, Luminance | Lumination index, Lumination index | Luminance, Illuminance | Lumination index, Lumination index | Illuminance, Luminance converter, Illuminance converter, Kelvin – RGB, RGB / HEX conversion, RGB / CMYK conversion.


Indoor lighting requirements, Types of lamps, Caps, Bulb shapes, Fluorescent tubes, Light output, Color temperature, Kruithof diagram, Visible spectrum, Typical led characteristics, SMD led, Unit of measure, Symbols, Rate Unified Glare, Color Rendering Index.



Regarding “bugs” we thank you for not using the evaluation system. In this case we ask you to contact me.


FAQ: https://www.gallinaettore.com/android_apps/faq-en/

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