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LED Blinker Notifications Pro v10.0.0-pro build 650 (Paid) Apk

Let the flashing LED notifications show your missed calls, texts and Gmail messages. If you don’t have a hardware led, the screen is used.
Only some applications are supported by the light version, see the advantages of the full version below!
All apps are supported in the full version.

It is possible to remove ADS (see button at top or in menu) but you will not get the full version!

This application, which was created in Material Design, is very easy to use and little configuration is required!

For the latest news and tips, read my blog https://mo-blog.de/en_US/


+- Works with the latest Android version Kitkat / Lollipop / Marshmallow / Nougat / Oreo / Pie / Android 10
+- individual settings for each application, e. g. blink rate, vibrations, sounds and repetitions
+- Overview of the latest notifications
+- Preview latest messages including messages deleted by your contacts (in-app purchase)
+- Silent mode for everyday (turn it on to stop the night flashing)
+- widget to turn off LED flashing / quickly delete notifications
+- LED display for phones without real LED

Examples of applications with notifications:

+- missed calls and sms
+- Battery status
+- Google Mail
+- Google Talk / Google Hangouts
+- Calendar reminder notifications
+- Standard EMail application
+- Bluetooth messages (indicator lights up when Bluetooth is active)
+- LED on screen alternative

Full version advantages:

+- Contact specific colors for WhatsApp, missed call, telegram, signal
+- light and dark color palette
+- export / import settings (no settings lost when you install new ROMs / mods)
+- Activate the camera flashlight for new notifications (lab function – beta)
+- New smart notifications (filter for specific message text)
+- Use app symbols or custom images for LED on screen
+- All apps are supported
+- Facebook messages
+- WhatsApp
+- Skype messages
+- Twitter, Threema (now with group support),

AndroidHeadLines: “LED Blinker is an Android app that aims to help you determine which notification is which.”

Sponsored App Review: LED Blinker Notifications

Unlike other apps in this category, you don’t need “ ROOT ” access to use LED Blinker and this app is very battery compatible!
All rights are necessary to run the application, not the least are possible.
The new write permission to SD card needed for error reporting (see menu extras: Debug mode), please send to mosoft.android@gmail.com if you found any error.


Please try the light version first to see if your hardware LED is working (the LED on the screen still works!).

Please check the device-specific tips at the end!

Fast support is very important to me! (Look at the notes, thanks everyone!)
If you have any issues, perform a full reinstallation and / or restart your phone.
If not, contact me on Facebook or email for help.

Attention: If your phone speaks after installation (Samsung S4, SIII, S3 Mini, S2, Note1, Note2, Note3, LG Nexus 4), you must disable Samsung TTS (text-to-speech) in settings -> Manager applications -> all (right) and Google TTS (speech synthesis).
Only necessary when using the accessibility service!

Another solution to fix the talkback issue:

You can change the launcher using a different one from the Google Play Store. For example, Solo Launcher – Swift & Smart, Nova Launcher, Go Launcher and Holo Launcher. These will not present this bug.

For Samsung S4 users: If your phone speaks when opening your browser, you need to use another browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Tip HTC Users: Your phone is NOT supported, you must use the on-screen light!

Sony Phones: Please turn off endurance mode in your device settings.

Let your LED indicator shine in different colors!

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