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Learn Russian with Flashcards! v3.13.5 (Premium) APK

Learning Russian has never been easier! Memorize Russian words and improve your vocabulary with ReWord – a highly effective foreign language learning app.

If you need to learn Russian for work, want to travel to Russia, or just want to watch Russian movies in original version and understand the plot, you are here! Over a million users are happy to expand their vocabulary in different languages ​​with ReWord! With the app, you get a dedicated system and memorize Russian vocabulary without much effort on your part.

• Built-in dictionary contains thousands of Russian words and phrases divided into categories. It includes the most frequently used Russian words, as well as other thematic topics.
• To learn Russian words, all you have to do is swipe handy flashcards with example pictures and sentences – helpful mental shortcuts to building your vocabulary and understanding the nuances of word meanings and how these words are used in actual practice.
•Easily add your own flashcards: translations, images and sample sentences are automatically filled in.
• Spaced repetitions really work: ReWord has a scientific approach to memorizing foreign words so you can learn languages ​​with the greatest efficiency.

• Learning Stats: Track your word memory over the past week, month, three months, and year.
•Track your progress: Set a daily goal and work towards it every day.
• Night theme for comfortable learning Russian before bed.
• Learn Russian language offline: Now it’s possible to improve your vocabulary wherever you go and turn learning Russian into a daily routine.
•Simple and clear interface without any distracting elements.

To make learning the Russian language even more effective, it is recommended to use the ReWord Russian language self-tutor two or three times a day, several hours apart. By learning at least 5 Russian words a day and devoting time to Russian lessons daily, you will expand your vocabulary by 1800 words in a year.

ReWord is a great self-study Russian language tool for those who are already learning Russian or just starting to learn Russian. Start learning Russian today!


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