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Learn Java Programming Tutorial – PRO (NO ADS) v2.2 (Paid) APK

If you are looking for an application to learn java basic to advance without any programming knowledge. You are in the right place. Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, this app is for anyone who wants to learn Java programming language.
Internet is not necessary – just click on the INSTALLATION you want to start from and follow the instructions. Good luck!


• No advertising
• Great user interface.
• Topics are divided appropriately.
• All topics are offline: no need for internet
• Content with a simple example.
• Easy to understand.
• Practical programs
• Copy and share the topic with your friends.
• Online Java compiler: run your java program in the application.
• Java interview questions and answers.

Basic tutorial – 20 topics:

• Introduction to Java
• C ++ vs Java
• How to define the path in Java
• JVM architecture (Java Virtual Machine)
• Java variables
• Data types in Java
• Operators in java
• Java If-else statement
• Java Switch instruction
• Loops in Java
• Java comments

Advanced Tutorial 63 Topics:

• Java OOP concepts
• Objects and classes in Java
• Inheritance in Java
• Polymorphism in Java
• Abstract class in Java
• Interface in Java
• Encapsulation in Java
• Java table
• Java channel
• Exception management in Java
• Java I / O tutorial
• Multi-threading in Java

Practice Programs: No battle can be won in study and theory without practice is dead. In this section we add more than 50 workout programs with output and offer running, sharing and copying.

• Array, String, User Inputs programs
• sorting algorithms.
• search algorithms.
• recursion programs.

Java Interview Questions and Answers: The Java interview questions have been designed specifically to familiarize you with the nature of the questions you might encounter during your interview about the Java programming language.

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