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JRiver for Android v28.0.96 64-bit (Paid) Apk

JRiver on Android is the multimedia engine of JRiver Media Center with a simplified user interface.

It can act as an audio player for content stored on the device. It also supports most of the network features of JRiver Media Center.

And It can work as a server or render with DLNA or UPnP. It can use its own library server to serve as media to another device running JRiver Media Center.

Supports most audio formats including FLAC, APE, WAV, MP3, AAC and OGG.

Will support video formats in the future.

What’s New?

25.0.16 (3/27/2021)

1. NEW: The Android app now uses gapless playback as the default.
2. NEW: Added cover art to the notification window.
3. Changed: The notification window will update if the zone is changed.
4. Changed: Lowered the channel priority of the notification window so it won’t make noise.
5.And Changed: Added a settings button to the notification window that will open the settings page in Panel.

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