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Jota+ (Text Editor) v2021.06 (Paid) Apk

Jota + is the best text editor for Android.
Jota + is easy to use. And have the big capacity and the big performance.
For documentation, for programming, Jota + offers the best text editing experience.

★ features of Jota +

– Support multi-file function.
– Supports 1 million characters.
– Support many character codes and auto detection function.
– Find / replace (support regular expression)
– Highlight the searched words.
– Support for font customization. (Proportional / Mono Space / ttf, otf font)
– Support installation shortcut function.
– Automatic backup.

– Display line numbers.
– Show tab / line break mark.
– Real time character / word / line counter.
– Customizable toolbar.
– Syntax highlighting supports many languages. (awk, X11-basic, css, c / c ++, java, javascript, lua, Objective-C, pascal, php, python, ruby, sh, tex, xml, html)
And it’s customizable.
– Customizable management of fixed sentences.
– Clipboard management.

– Integrated file browser with bookmarks management.
– Free wallpaper by Non Miyabi. http://sites.google.com/site/nonsillustgallery/
– Detect file modification.
– Support for physical keyboard / Bluetooth or USB keyboard / Chromebook devices.
– Safe application without any malicious authorization request.
– Supports many kinds of cloud storage services. (Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive etc …)
– Rescue Center for real-time backup.

★ Free version is for trial use, so some features are locked.

But you can use the free version as a text editor with sufficient capabilities.
You can purchase the PRO-KEY app from Google Play to unlock additional features.

▼ Firebase Crashlytics and Mobile Ads are integrated into the app.

Please confirm our privacy policy.

▼ Warning.

We prohibit the distribution of Jota + on sites other than Google Play.
It has been confirmed that the mixed malware of hacked applications has been distributed.
And we do not provide support for pirated applications.
Please be careful.

▼ We will not respond to anything on review comments.
If you have any problem or suggestion please email us.

Q. Cannot save to SD card or USB flash drive.
A. They are supported by the Storage Access Framework.
see Preferences> File> Storage Access Framework.

Q. I cannot find my file in the file browser.
A. Please check “Text file only” in the side menu.

Q. I purchased PRO-KEY, but was unable to activate it.
A. Try to follow …
Make sure your device is connected to the internet and signed in to Google.
Confirm that PRO-KEY is installed in the system settings.
Click on Menu – Preferences – Activate PRO-KEY.
restart the device and start Jota +.
uninstall and reinstall Jota + or PRO-KEY.

– Some devices have Background-Task-Killer added by OEM suppliers.
This type of functionality can interrupt inter-application communications.
Please set Jota + and PRO-KEY on the permission list.

– If you have activation issues, please email the developer.

Q. How do I hide the floating action buttons.
A. See Preferences> Floating button. Then select “no-assign”.

Q. The application quits before saving my file!
Q. I have overwritten my file!
A. see Preferences> Rescue Center, you can find your file.

▼ Help for Chromebook and Bluetooth Keyboard
– menu alt + F
– alt + D context menu
– ctrl + tab sidemenu
– Switch tab ctrl + PageUp / PageDown
– see Shortcut settings to bind Ctrl + alphabet key
– cannot link ctrl + T, w on Chromebook

▼ About permissions

– modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
– read the contents of your USB storage

for loading / saving in internal memory.

– full network access
– display network connections

for mobile ads.

– install a shortcut

to install a file shortcut on the Home app.

(c) Aquamarine networks.


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