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Joey for Reddit v2.0.9 (Mod Pro) Apk

Joey for Reddit is a third party Reddit client that brings a never before new Reddit experience!

Some of the distinguishing features:

– Built-in Reddit Video Downloader: Download videos hosted on v.redd.it with sound!

– Automatically hide read messages: never see the same message twice! Enjoy new content every time you open the app!

– Search for saved posts and comments: Say goodbye to manual scrolling and finding your saved item!

– Offers thousands of fonts to customize the layout as you like!

– Double tap to vote!

– Screen lock!

– Immersive full screen mode!

– Navigation down or navigation up: your choice!

– Text-to-speech: reads long personal messages and all comments sent to you aloud

– You can follow a post and be notified of new comments

– Highlights new comments added after your last visit to a post

– Most powerful text editor, with live formatting, no need to remember markdown.

– Most powerful and customizable theme engine. Choose from 16 million colors!

– Read AMA (Ask Me Anything) messages in magazine style Q&A!

– Granular controls: set thumbnail and other sizes as per your choice

– Reader view for web articles: clutter-free reading experience!

– Multimedia cards: view messages as cards in full screen, flick to change card.

– Color coded usernames: highlights users who have already participated in the comment channel. Super useful for following the conversation in long comment chains.

– Swipe to read the next article: no need to come back and open a new message!

– Granular data usage controls!

– Supports Reddit LIVE

Other highlights

– View all ancestors from a comment, with just one tap. Easy to follow conversations in the sea of ​​comments.

– Reduce level N: Reduce comments to any level you want

– Auto-play GIFs and videos online

– Push notification: receive your notifications instantly

– Powerful subscription management: pin, hide, add bookmarks.

– Long press thumbnails to preview media.

– Fascinating animations

– Automatic theme: automatically change themes

Enjoy 🙂


Dev: u / codesForLiving


Joey for Reddit is an unofficial Reddit app.

“Reddit” is a registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.

“Ask Me Anything” is a registered trademark owned by Reddit Inc.

“AMA” is the property of Reddit Inc.

The article on Aryabhata used in the screenshot is from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aryabhata, and the article on Aryabhata is published under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license (http: // creativecommons .org / licenses / by -sa / 3.0 /).


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