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JAVAD Mobile Tools v4.4.5 (Paid) APK

Javad Mobile Tools (JMT) allows you to connect JAVAD GNSS receivers to your Android™ device via Bluetooth® or WiFi. With an Internet connection, you can also connect to remote base stations.

JMT includes several tools designed for JAVAD TRIUMPH-2 TRIUMPH-1/1M ALPHA SIGMA and TRIUMPH-3 latest generation GNSS receivers (requires additional OAF option) TRIUMPH-OMEGA (requires additional OAF option).

The Static Survey tool gives you control over data collection: Static Trajectory or Stop-and-Go for post-processing.

The RTK Survey tool allows you to perform RTK surveying and stakeout with your Android™ device by setting up the receiver as a rover while receiving corrections from NTRIP RCV or from a base using radio transmissions ( FH UHF or RCV).
Point Trajectory Offset surveys are available during the survey.
RTK survey can be done with different unique JAVAD techniques such as Multy-RTK Hybrid-RTK Lift&Tilt etc. JMT uses large screens of modern devices and allows you to perform surveys and stakeouts on the map with Google OSM or user background. And allows you to combine the surveyed points into objects to produce the final result. You can also annotate the survey with audio notes and photos.
RTK survey results can be exported to a custom plain text file or to various CAD/GIS files (DXF/DWG MapInfo ArcView Shape, etc.). A customizable report is also available. Design points for stakeout can be imported from custom text files or CAD/GIS files.

Using the RTK Base tool, you can configure and start the receiver as an RTK base as well as configure and control FH or UHF radio transmission settings via a Bluetooth connection.

JMT’s file management tool allows you to upload raw data files (.jps) from the receiver to your Android™ device which can then be immediately submitted to JAVAD’s Online Data Processing Service (DPOS) at the using the processing tool. The process tool also allows you to submit files directly to OPUS once the native file format (.jps) has been converted to RINEX format and yes JMT includes a tool specifically for this task (JPS2Rinex).
The JAVAD DPOS service can also be used to process files worldwide. It can process .jps files and return results immediately, then the base data is ready.

JMT organizes your data with jobs for survey and design points and checkpoint catalogs. You can use national and user-defined coordinate systems and locate with identical points.

Coordinate Geometry (CoGo) tools allow you to calculate computational surveying tasks in the field, such as forward and reverse tasks, intersections, split line area/perimeter/volume calculation, etc

Other tools in the JMT collection include satellites used for quick overview of GLONASS and GPS spacecraft availability and position; Update receiver firmware and OAF tools; Calibrate a tool to calibrate the electronic compass and electronic level on your receiver; Pair Modem a tool to enable pairing of receiver and radio via Bluetooth; Repeater a tool used to extend the transmission range of your radio through the use of an intermediate transmitter; Load HPT Firmware to update firmware in an HPT radio; as well as other tools.


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