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Java Programming Tutorials v2.7 (Pro) APK

This application was developed by Al-Akhtar Computer Science Academy; to help people complete basic JAVA programming tutorial on Android device.
Definition of C and JAVA programming:
JAVA is a general purpose object oriented programming language. Gradually, it evolved and despite the popularity of other programming languages ​​like C#, JAVA stands out as one of the most used languages ​​for scripting, programming and development.
Learn Java Programming is a FREE programming app by AL-Akhtar CS Academy.
Whether or not you have prior programming experience, this app will help you learn everything you need to know to start creating and compiling your own programs. This app will show you how easy it is to become a programmer.

The Java programming app includes over 80 lessons divided into 9 levels that cover basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, classes and objects, l inheritance and polymorphism, patterns, files and exceptions.

This JAVA programming app allows you to do java programming tutorials on your android phone. It contains about 81 programs.
It will definitely help you prepare for interviews, tests and in many other ways
wherever you need information about JAVA, feel free to open the application.
This application is designed for software programmers who need to understand the JAVA programming language from scratch.
This tutorial and these programs will give you an understanding of the Java programming language from which you can access a higher level of expertise.

The basic Java tutorials to advance consist of the following topics.
Advantages and disadvantages
Environment Setup
Data type
Variable scope
The operators
If declaration
Switch instruction
Loop while
Do while the loop
For the loop
Course basics
Class Objects
Method overload
Override method
Static keyword
String of characters
Packing class
Implementing interfaces
Create a thread
Stopping and blocking
Exception and priority
Executable interface
try to capture
Design of a web page
Running an applet
Byte stream
Character stream
Phone book

Programs with output:
Area of ​​the circle
area of ​​the rectangle
Table average
binary to decimal
Bitwise addition
Bubble sort
Calculate percentage
Array of characters to string
Constructor Example
Create a directory
Create file
Date hour
decimal to binary
Decimal to Hex
And Decimal to Octal
Delete directory
Show IP address
Do during Example
Even or odd
Factorial using recursion
Find the factorial
Floyd’s triangle
For the loop example
Hex to decimal
If else example
Leap year
Linear search
Matrix multiplication
Matrix transposition
Sort by merge
Octal to Decimal
Open notepad
Print tables
Quick Sort
Reverse String Network
Selection Sort
Sort array of strings
Concatenate strings
String to character array
Exchange two no’s
Permutation without 3rd variable
Switch Case Example
User-defined exception
Sample While Loop
Complete JAVA tutorials by chapter
Basic JAVA programs with output
Programs commented for a better understanding (81 programs)
Output for each compiled and tested program
object oriented programming topic
Very simple user interface


All information provided in this app is real and correct. We talk to many speakers and professors; they check all the tutorial and programs in the app which is correct. We just provide an organized way to easily learn JAVA programming language.


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