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iVRy v1.1.7.1 (Premium) APK

What is iVRy?

• iVRy is a SteamVR compatible virtual reality headset application for your Android device with a high performance native driver for OpenVR / SteamVR from Valve.

What does that mean?

• Want to use this awesome Android screen for something other than texting?
• Want to play PC VR* (virtual reality) titles without having to buy a high-end headset?
• With iVRy, a compatible Android device and a VR headset, it’s possible!
• Supports wired (USB) connections for superior visual quality and performance.
• Supports wireless connections (Wifi) for greater mobility.
• Automatically adjusts quality to maintain optimal frame rates on all connection types.
• User configurable quality and performance options.
• User configurable thumbnail options.
• Use the cardboard QR code of your VR headset for optimal lens distortion correction and optimal field of view.
• Natively integrates into SteamVR, so no ‘manager’/’server’ app or additional configuration required.
• Compatible with most HTC Vive and Oculus Rift titles**, including “Robinson: The Journey”, “Adr1ft”, “Project CARS”, “Obduction”, “Elite Dangerous”, “EVE: Valkerie”, “Chronos ‘, ‘Assetto Corsa’ and many more.
• The “Lite” edition has all the features of the “Premium” edition, but will start to reduce color saturation after being connected for more than 5 minutes. Upgrade to the “Premium” edition via Steam DLC or In-App Purchase to remove this limitation.

Download iVRy OpenVR/SteamVR HMD Device Driver from:


* OpenVR/SteamVR valve. Requires Valve Steam & SteamVR on Windows 7 or later.
**Oculus Rift titles require Valve SteamVR, Oculus Home and 3rd party “Revive” software from:

• Requires a VR headset, compatible with an Android device (eg Google Cardboard).
• Requires a PC running Windows 7 (or later) with a DirectX 11 (or later) graphics card with Valve Steam and SteamVR installed.
• Requires installation of iVRy SteamVR HMD Device Driver software.
• Installation of Google Cardboard and Google VR Services recommended.
• XBox 360/One controller for Windows recommended.
• Additional hardware/software required for position tracking and motion controllers.

NOTE: If you have questions or need help, please use the support forum and not the Play Store reviews section: https://steamcommunity.com/app/992490

All trademarks are used for informational purposes and remain the property of their respective owners.


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