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iQuran (Paid) v2.66 APK



Read the Quran in Arabic alongside its translation. Provides verse by verse audio playback, Tajwid color code, repeat functions, unlimited bookmarks, search, excellent navigation controls, multiple translations and reciters and much more.

NOTE: Permission to “read phone state” is only needed to pause recitation in case the phone is ringing or if you place a call while recitation is playing in the background.

With iQuran you like:

– Tajweed Color Code (Pronunciation) Rules, the first and only software to offer Quran Tajweed rules live renderings.
– Zoom-in option to enlarge the Arabic writing
– Full landscape support
– Unlimited bookmarks and labels with notes
– Several translations
– Quranic Supplications
– A powerful full-text search engine
– Multiple downloadable recitations for verse by recital verse (supports no blank / continuous recitation for all reciters except Husary)
– Powerful audio controls with an option for group verse reading to aid in memorization

iQuran provides the following translations:

– English and transliteration
– German
– French
– Indonesian
– Urdu (requires OS 3.0+)
– Farsi (requires OS 3.0+)
– Melayu
– Spanish
– Turkish
– Russia
– Bosnian
– Dutch
– Italian
– Albanian
– Romanian
– Japanese

Reciters included are:

– Sheikh Husary
– Mishary Al-Afasy
– Saood & Shuraim
– Abu Bakr Ash-Shatree
– Abdul Basit
– Ghamdi
– Mahir Al-Muayqali

iQuran was designed to work on all Android devices.


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