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Internet Fast Speed Test Meter v1.19 (Pro) APK

Fast internet speed test app is a basic tool to check your internet connection with internet performance. Speed ​​test master is the essential internet speed meter. Network speed meter app gives result of upload and download speed. Internet speed test app also shows who is using my wifi and you can secure your network.

Fast internet speed tests check a network’s location, signal strength, and gateway. Fast internet app provides simple user interface with analog and digital internet speed meter. Check network performance free app. Internet-wifi speed test analyzer app is based on your need to check speed and test internet performance for cellular network and connection.

Fast Internet Speed ​​Test:
Internet fast speed test app is a professional network speed checker, use smart tools to check network speed. Wi-Fi internet fast speed test app provides details of download speed, upload speed, signal strength and ping rate. The frequency with perfect details will show on the analog speed test meter. Check internet ping rate app, also check 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE, DSL and hotspot internet connection.

Download Speed ​​Master Test:
Uploading and downloading speed is the most important feature of internet data usage. Fast internet speed test meter found in real time megabits per second download speed values ​​and share basic information. Download speed test meter provides better tools and utilities for Wi-Fi users.

Download download speed test:
Internet speed test app is used to check your download speed and check your internet upload speed. You can compare the speed and track the problem you are facing with this download speed test app.

Internet Ping Rate:
Internet ping rate indicates whether the speed of the Internet connection is stable or not. Quick speed test meter suggested for you to get exact internet speed test ping and latency rate.

Check test history
Check internet fast speed tests are automatically saved in history and after checking your past test result. Wi-Fi signal strength, time and download speed in MBPS and speed also remain.

Features of Fast Internet Speed ​​Tester
– Download speed check
– Download speed test
– Detailed statistics
– Connection results
– Internet networks
– Supports over 100 languages
– Ping rate internet
– Wi-Fi card location
– Who uses my Wi-Fi
– Keep tracking history
Enjoy your fast internet connection anywhere with check free internet fast speed test connection.


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