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Instant Voice Translator App v2.3 (Pro) APK

Need fast voice translation for your desired language? Instant Translator 2021 helps translate all languages ​​in the most efficient way. Now you are in the right place, get instant translation via voice and text input. Write the text you want to translate or press the MIC button and say what you want to translate. Select the language you want to translate press translate and your translation will be displayed immediately.

The core feature of this instant and fast language translation app is that it is equipped with facilities to translate from any language of the world to all languages ​​of the world. In this way, this free voice translator app for 2021 will help you communicate with people living in other parts of the world. All language translator with instant translation removes language barriers around the world. Now you can use speak and translate app for conversation translation in any language. This interpreter translator is equipped with all relevant features to make your conversation translation easy and accurate.

Instant Voice Translator is a dynamic mobile application for users who frequently need to translate and translate all languages ​​of the world. Free Voice Translator 2021 app allows you to translate audio or speech and provide translations quickly. Now you can learn all languages ​​with instant translator and speak any language with accurate voice translator app.

Highlights of instant translation in all languages:

– Get free translations of speech and text in over 100 languages
– Listen to translated texts
– Instant voice translation
– Quickly translate words and sentences
– Voice search dictionary with unlimited words
– Translator with voice recognition
– Conversation Mode: Two-way instant voice translation
– Edit photos with photo features
– Copy and delete text with one click
– Pitch and speed control settings
– Voice mode: speak and translate all languages
– Audio playback for voice and text translations.
– Instantly share the translated text with your friends
– Simple and easy to use interface.
– Totally free and faster

Key Features of Instant Voice Translator App Pro MOD APK:

instant translation:
Using this feature, you can quickly and easily translate your voice or text from one language to another. Save copy delete and listen functions are available for instant translation. The automatic read aloud feature makes it easier for users to hear the pronunciation of their translations.

Dialogue Style Translator:
This feature facilitates fast voice translation, all language translations provide a unique dialogue style view. All you have to do is select the desired language for both MICs and speak with one microphone and our app will provide translations in other languages ​​in a conversational style.

Voice Search Dictionary:
All languages ​​Instant Translator 2021 has this different feature in the app through which you can speak or type any word and get the meaning of the detailed information about that word with the quick voice dictionary feature. Copy delete or share this post with friends to increase their vocabulary.

Photo editor/text on photo:
Our Accurate Voice Translator also has an additional feature where you can edit your photos with several photo editor features like writing text, adding emoji, applying filters and effects on your images to give them a unique look, So that you can share on social platforms and send to your friends.

Saved translations:
All your instant translations by voice or text can be saved as a history of all saved translations. You can view shared deletions or listen to these language translations at any time by accessing the Saved Translations feature.


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