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Immersive Mode Manager v2.1.1 (Paid) APK

“Immersive Mode” the way you like it!

“Immersive Mode” itself is an awesome feature, isn’t it? But it’s really annoying
that some apps don’t use this nice way to take advantage of a bigger screen.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could define how it works yourself?

Well now you can with “Immersive Manager”.

“Immersive Manager” allows you to change every aspect of where and how the
“Immersive Mode” should work on your device.

You can either define a global “immersive mode” which will be applied to the whole system.
Or if you want to go further, you can set “Immersive Mode” per app.

The following options are available and can be applied individually:
Full -> Will hide both status bar and navigation bar
Status -> Will only hide the status bar
Navigation -> Will only hide the navigation bar
None -> Will leave both system bars visible

* * *

No root required!
No exhausting background services!
And No hacky or buggy overlays!
Just a simple and clean user interface that applies your settings in real time.

For “Immersive Manager” to work, WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission must be granted.
Normally, this permission is only granted to system apps because it allows the app to write system settings.

If your device is rooted, you can grant permission from inside the app with just one click.
Otherwise, you have to do it manually with a simple ADB command.
You will find a detailed tutorial in the app.

There’s also a super handy quick settings tile for toggling between “immersive mode”

Internet permission is used for analytics purposes only.

“Immersive Manager” also offers support for Tasker viewcasts.

So let’s go, let’s customize the “immersive mode”

More features will come in the future.

Android ADB PC Instructions
1 – Enable developer mode in Android settings.
2 – Enable USB debugging
3 – Configure ADB on your PC
4 – Run the following adb command to grant permission:
adb shell pm grant com.ivianuu.immersivemodemanager android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS


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