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Image Compressor Puma v1.0.53 Mod (Premium) APK

Congratulations! You have just found the best photo compression app available on Google Play. It is the result of several years of experience in the field of compressing photos and videos. We are professionals aiming to simplify and make accessible to everyone tasks that are a priori complicated.

Too large photo files? No problem ! Puma will compress them to make them smaller.

With this application you can:

+ Send many photos by email or SMS.
+ Share photos on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Whatsapp, etc.)
+ Upload photos to websites with size restrictions,
+ Recover the space occupied by your photos using the “replace” function,
+ Save and save space on your mailbox, phone, tablet, hard drive or Cloud,
+ Compress images and save compressed photos in the Cloud,
+ Send photos from places with a weak internet connection,
+ Manage the weight of large format photos,
* Compress image for visa, passport, job application, etc.

The Puma Photo Compressor app has three modes:

– Automatic – the easiest way to compress photos in the app. Perfect for sending photos by e-mail (around 50 in a single e-mail).
– By file size – you specify the size of the photo file (KB or MB) and Puma will compress the photos. Ideal when you need your photo file to grow to an exact size.
– Resolution and quality – The most advanced mode. Specify the resolution and compression quality of the image. Perfect for advanced users who want to find the balance between photo file size and quality.
Compression and resizing in multiple selection is available in all modes.

Supported image formats: jpeg, jpg, png, webp, raw formats (dng, cr2, nef, arw).

This photo compress app has everything you need to change or adjust the size of photos. You can define (adjust, shrink or enlarge):

– the quality of the image compression,
– the resolution of the image in pixels,
– the target size of the file.

Additional features of this app:

– Resize or compress photos in multiple selection and share without saving
– Easy comparison of photos before and after compression
– Possible output folder to SD card
– Replacing heavy photos with compressed photos, to free up memory.

Photo Compress Puma is perfect for all smartphone users who want to share and download photos. Travelers, bloggers, online sellers, artisans, real estate agents or business owners will especially appreciate the simplicity, functionality and usefulness of this application.

Is your phone taking pictures that are too large? Reduce them using the Compress Photo Puma app! Big photos are great, but they cause a lot of problems in situations like:

– sending photos by email or SMS,
– sharing photos,
– uploading photos to social networks, forums or websites with size restrictions,
– lack of free space on their phone, mailbox, hard drive or Cloud,
– expensive or unavailable mobile data.
In these situations, much smaller but good quality photos are more than enough for everyone.

How to compress a photo in an easy way? Do you need a tool to make a photo small enough to share, upload or send by email? Are you looking for a fast and efficient photo compressor and file size reducer?
Install Compress Photo Puma, you won’t regret it!

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