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iEncrypto – Protection Layer for any Messenger 1.3.0 (Paid) APK

iEncrypto looks like a chat app, but it isn’t; Alternatively, it is a simple yet effective solution to encrypt text sent via any messaging or email application. Consider it an additional security layer that you enable when you need to send sensitive data.


– Share secure text messages through any messaging app with iEncrypto
– Compatible with WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Signal, Telegram, Line, email, SMS and basically any other text app
– It’s not a chat app, but it’s like an app
– Set your own encryption password to increase security
– It works 100% offline.
– Several hadiths
– Lock the chat page so that no one can view or read it.
– Delete any messages or conversations
– More advanced users can change the encryption password multiple times during a single conversation.

iEncrypto is really easy to use:

It’s as simple as writing, pasting, copying and reading!

write a message in iEncrypto; Its encrypted copy will be copied to the clipboard automatically. Open any messaging app and paste the encrypted message there. Wait for an encrypted answer in the messaging app, copy it to clipboard, and then run iEncrypto; The message will appear immediately.

Isn’t end-to-end encryption available in all messaging apps?

All applications are different. Some have a better level of protection, while others have no protection at all. Their encryption means that messages cannot be read by sniffing a connection, but there are other ways to get your data, such as when your phone is stolen. Have you also noticed that, even with an end-to-end encrypted chatbot, you still receive ads regarding what you just sent? They probably know and use at least some of your personal information.

This app is designed for casual users who just want to enjoy sending secret messages quickly without knowing anything about encryption, we don’t claim that we invented the most secure encryption method, nor is it the goal of the app. Its main purpose is to increase your privacy from messaging company/app. For this purpose, a rather simple “random” character rearrangement algorithm was sufficient. That was too simplistic, so we went much further than that. think about this. Will the messaging company try to crack your encrypted messages? Mostly not. But, what will they do with the text messages they receive from you?

Required permissions:

Read clipboard. Allowing this permission greatly improves the workflow. Manual pasting and copying can still be done manually if needed.
No more permissions required. There is no internet connection even.


Any illegal or unethical use of iEncrypto is not our responsibility. It is designed to improve privacy and should only be used for this purpose.

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