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HACK for Hacker News Science & Technology v29.0 (Pro Mod) APK

HACK for Hacker News is the nicest, easiest way to read the latest news on programming, startups, science, technology, engineering, and math. With the ability to vote, bookmark, comment, submit new posts, and receive push notifications for replies, HACK is highly customizable with the best features you would expect from a top quality customer.

– Log in or register your Hacker News account
– PUSH NOTIFICATIONS for responses from Hacker News to comment or post
– Swipe to vote, favorite, reply and hide stories and comments
– Comments are presented in nested threads. Tap a comment to collapse that thread
– Respond to messages and comments
– Submit new link or text messages including drafts
– Long press on a story, link or comment to share

– No ads. No subscription
– Landscape and portrait support
– Hide the publications read from the feed
– Press the bottom button to scroll to the next root comment in the thread. Long press it to go to the previous one.
– All endpoints known to hackers – News, Ask HN, Show HN, Show HN Newest, Trending, Second Chance Pool, Classic, Active, Top Stories, Top Comments, New Stories, New Comments, Noob Stories , noob comments, jobs, finished 100-500 points etc.
– Submit messages, reply, comment using your HN account
– Browse the top 100 leading accounts

– Browse stories from a specific site, user or date
– Archive support: View an archive of the publication’s website. archive.is, archive.org and google cache.
– Search in comments and usernames! The search is insensitive to case and diacritics, and ignores punctuation.
– Select / highlight comment / post title text for search / copy / translate
– Powerful search (powered by Algolia API) – use @date to sort by date, #story to filter stories, #comments to filter comments, #author_username to filter by user, etc. These tags can be separated by commas. Refer to https://hn.algolia.com/api for more tags.
– Dark mode – both black and pure gray mode and many other color choices
– Low contrast text mode so that the text is not pure white #FFFFFF
– Many theme color choices for customization
– Choice and font sizes so that the design is exactly to your liking

– Share the comment as an image
– Threaded comments with color bar to maintain visual orientation
– Articles open in the integrated web view with reader mode. Possibility to use other browsers as well.
– Read articles in audio with Text to Speech.
– Tap the domain in a story to see all the stories on that site
– Tap the username in a story or comment to access the user’s profile
– Browse your Submitted Stories and Comments, Favorite Stories and Comments, Voted Stories and Comments, Hidden Stories
– High quality favicons for the items because HN does not provide any images. I run my own server for this, so if you would like to help me with the server costs, please purchase the small one-time purchase in the app. It also unlocks custom fonts, themes, settings customizations, and supports the development of future updates.

All stories and comments are via the Algolia API and the Hacker News API:

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I offer a nice free ads and analytics app for the absolute best experience for my users. If you enjoy the app, please leave me a positive rating on the play store as it helps spread the word to others. If you want to support the development and buy me a coffee, please purchase the one-time purchase in the app. No subscription. Thank you for your support!

Send your comments or feature requests to Pran at:

HACK for Hacker News is not affiliated with Y Combinator.

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