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Glucose tracker-Diabetic diary v3.3.9 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Glucose tracker-Diabetic diary Mod APK

Diabetes Diary – will become an essential glucose companion for anyone with type 1 or type 2 gestational diabetes. Glucose diary will allow you to track regular hemoglobin sugar levels, blood pressure reminder insulin and also add tags, medication status and weight to each record. With the help of regular blood sugar log, observe the blood sugar log trends and decide on this information, how can you deal with it and also provide your doctor with all the necessary information for effective diabetes treatment. There is a powerful and smart insulin tracker that helps you set your daily value and monitor every medication taken.

★ The diabetes tracker diary takes into account the specifics of each person and allows you to flexibly set the normal levels of glucose tracking – the sugar diary app will automatically analyze each record and measure the dynamics of changes in graphics. control.

App functionality:
✓ Add in one touch blood glucose monitoring, weight of hemoglobin levels as well as medications taken;
✓ Make the glucose tracker more informative – save BU insulin calculator data taken in mood level and attach comments;
✓Add tags to each recording – so, with the help of a diabetes friend, you will discover the dynamics, eg Before meals After meals In the morning In the evening, etc. ;
✓ Use and set different blood glucose level units – mg/dl or mmol/l;
✓ Calculate the insulin index;
✓Track sugar dynamics by weight;
✓ A flexible and well-thought-out notification system – it will now be very difficult not to enter blood glucose meter data and blood glucose readings into the diabetes diary or take action. Set the insulin reminder and no one will ever forget to enter all the necessary data;
✓ Manage Diabetes Logbook and learn everything about yourself – over 7 different graphs that analyze input data show trends, dynamics and dependencies of changes in glucose monitoring, wellbeing of hemoglobin, monitor the progress of insulin calc;
✓ Export all records entered in Glucose Tracker and email them to .txt file or export Glucose Tracker readings to .XLS and .PDF format files.

★ This app will be a great helper as a diabetic’s logbook and anyone with blood sugar and sugar diary will not only allow you to record sugar levels in logs regularly but also analyze them to understand your body .

😃What is the TAG system? There are plenty of possibilities in the pocket – the glucose tracker can set tags before entering each glucose log reading – before dinner after sports, drinking, driving, etc. So, later it will be very easy and effective to analyze your blood sugar log and find out what factors and elements cause sugar levels to be high or low.

💊 What’s more, you can record every medicine taken in the insulin tracker diary and also find out which medicine is best for you and make your blood glucose diary normal or not – with this approach you can manage the diary more efficiently edge of diabetes.

👍 By the way, for many people this app will be a great health care/doctor helper and if you are diabetic with the help of glucose mate, now you can easily provide detailed reports about your diabetes. condition of any specialist. For every person who has D1 or D2, it is very important to monitor and record your progress in a pedantic and regular manner. In this way, you can not only stabilize your condition, but also improve your well-being and lead a full-fledged life. What could be simpler ? Just take measurements every day. The insulin calculator will tell you everything you need (but remember that you still need to manually check the calculated doses).

For all questions, ideas and suggestions for improving the diabetic logbook – please write to our contact email.

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