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Glint Finder – Camera Detector v1.0.1 (AdFree) Apk

Glint Finder – Camera Detector v1.0.1 (AdFree) Apk



The #1 glint finder app on Google Play! Glint Finder uses the retro-reflection of the camera flash to allow the user to better identify shiny objects in the camera’s field of view. Works great for locating hidden camera lens elements – also for finding dropped parts or contact lenses!

As mentioned in “The Secrets to Finding Hidden Cameras” at Techlicious.com – https://www.techlicious.com/tip/the-secrets-to-finding-hidden-cameras/

Glint Finder uses the same principle as the tools used by professionals to help search for and find the lens glint given off by hidden spy camera optics.
– Set the device’s flash rate in cycles per second (Hz).
– Adjust device’s flash duty cycle.
– Toggle the image polarity to help highlight glints.
The lens optics of hidden cameras produce specular reflection when illuminated with a flash. These retro-reflections show up as highlights or hotspots in the image that stand out as the flash toggles on and off. These are tell-tales used by skilled operators to sweep meeting areas and indoor rooms for hidden cameras.

Note: the flash rate and duty cycle capability will depend on your particular device’s capability.

This is an ad supported app! Thanks for your feedback!


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