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Get it Done! : Planner, Todo list & Pomodoro timer v4.0 (Unlocked) Apk

Want to get things done ?? want to stop procrastinating? worry no more, you’ve come to the right place !, Get it Done! is a lightweight app that brings together various productivity tools in one place.

This application is specially developed for students and people who need to:

– Keep their week plan on a tight schedule
– create task lists that can be labeled and colored (like sticky notes)
– create flexible recurring reminders
– use the pomodoro timer to increase productivity
– get statistics and comments on progress.

This app is:

Minimal, beautiful and easy to use:

Our users love the simple and modern user interface with relaxing colors that are easy on the eyes. The different color accents, the light / dark themes and the nice transitions and animations.

Efficient and powerful:

The app is designed in such a way that everything is highly customizable, yet it is easily accessible, allowing you to create / edit lists, events or use timers in no time! So you can focus on the things that matter and get the most out of your day.

Has a compact planner:

– organize your time in a compact calendar of 1 or 4 weeks of recurring tasks / events.
– create your routines faster by duplicating any event you want for any day you like
– organize tasks / events by categories.
– organize tasks / events at intervals.
– Choose to be notified or not.

Create flexible tasks and lists:

– organize your to-do list by subjects and colors.
– create flexible recurring tasks and events (daily, weekly, monthly … with end date or repetition times).
– display your lists from your home screen by creating widgets!
– create habits with endless repeated reminders.
– set priorities.
– receive notifications
– edit tasks quickly!

Increase productivity with the Pomodoro timer:

– plan pomodoro cycles and sessions directly from the planner
– have full control of the timer from notifications.
– possibility to customize focus time, rest time and extended rest time from settings.
– be notified before the end with 5 minutes
– be notified at the end
– Choose custom notification sounds

Keeps you motivated!

– View statistics and track your progress and achievements.
– Get daily motivational and inspirational quotes.

Very affordable!

Unleash the full potential of the app with pro features! our pricing is available to everyone, so get your pro version NOW and enjoy it for life!


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