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Gentle Wakeup Pro Alarm Clock v5.5.9 (Paid) Apk

Sweet wake up and refreshed every day

Slowly turning up the light and sound in the morning will wake you from any deep sleep and allow your body to prepare for waking up.

Fall asleep quickly

The slow decrease in light and the natural sound of the evening will rock you to sleep. A sleep aid slows down your breathing.

Sleep better at night

The usual sounds of nature and home at low volume help you stay asleep.


– Alarm clock: Fully functional alarm clock with repeated alarms and snooze function.
– The real sunrise: The sun changes its colors from red to yellow like a real sunrise.
– Soft sounds: Wake up to different sounds of nature, instrumental music or your favorite tracks.
– Night clock: The screen displays the current time and the alarm clock during the night.
– Energy nap: Take an energy nap during the day and wake up to new energy after 20 minutes.
– Sleep timer: Easily fall asleep at night with a red sunset and soft fading sounds (ASMR).
– Sleep Aid: Slows down your breathing to fall asleep faster and more relaxed. Set the timer to slow down the speed.
– Sleep sounds: Sleep better with sound backgrounds like rain, wind, locusts or cosmic background noise. Supports all sleep cycles like light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep.

– Weather forecast: An animated show presents the weather conditions and temperature for the day.
– Beautiful countdowns: Count the number of days, weeks and even minutes until your next vacation, birthday party, etc. Choose from over 100 beautifully designed counters and share them with your friends.
– Individual alarm clock: Wake up without disturbing your partner.
– Soft torch light: Use soft light to find something in the night without waking someone else up.
– Autostart: The application starts automatically even if you close it. No additional battery consumption.
– Set the next alarm: Set a repeating alarm in case you wake up earlier. No risk of forgetting to turn on the alarm.
– Custom snooze options: Snooze alarms every Monday, every other day or set specific calendar days for job change.
– Brightness pulse: Useful for deaf or hard of hearing people.

Permissions: http://bit.ly/2oWzYDS

Prevent sleep disturbances

Sounds and soft light can help reduce sleep disturbances caused by stress, jet lag, depression, migraine, headaches, motivation, tinnitus, exhaustion, autism, PTSD , anxiety disorders. The app is not a medical product and sleep disturbances should always be monitored by a doctor. But it can give you relief from sleeping pills.

You will have full control over the wake-up process

Start sunrise 20 minutes before your desired wake-up time and set your personal brightness level at the end. Add slowly rising bird sounds and add device vibration as a backup 5 minutes after waking up. Enjoy a good morning show, including the weather forecast before you get out of bed.

Start waking up to the light and you will never want to wake up to the sounds again.

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