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Fuelio gas log & gas prices v7.15.0 APK

🚘 Fuelio is a simple and easy to use android app to track your mileage, fuel consumption and fuel price.

Using this app, you can track vehicle costs, your gas runs, fuel usage, vehicle mileage, fuel cost/prices and save money.

Get an overview of mileage and fuel costs for one or more vehicles. Support for different fuel types, and now dual-fuel vehicles. Visualization of your visits to the pump on Google Maps.

⛽️ Fuel prices

🛣 GPS Tracker – Travel Diary

Fuelio: Fuel consumption and costs uses an algorithm based on tank capacity to calculate fuel consumption. Thanks to this, the application can calculate the number of liters of fuel used between the different passages at the pump. When you buy fuel, you only need to indicate the number of liters and the current value of your odometer (odometer). The algorithm then calculates your fuel economy and efficiency, keeps a log of your purchases, and prepares graphs and statistical views of your data.

The app shows you the total and average number of pump passes, fuel costs, and mileage, all in an easy-to-use visual interface.

The Fuelio application keeps your data locally, but you can connect to Cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive) at any time to be sure to keep your data if you lose or break your device.

– Simple and clean design
– Mileage tracking (pump trips, fuel costs, fuel economy, partial fill-ups, GPS location)
– Vehicle fuel cost management
– Support for multiple vehicles
– Dual-fuel vehicle tracking (with two tanks, e.g. petrol + LPG)
– Practical statistics (total, passages at the pump, costs, average, total savings made)
– Units of distance: kilometers, miles
– Fuel units: liters, US gallons, imperial gallons
– Import/Export to SD card (CSV format)
– Display of service stations visited on Google Maps
– Tables (fuel consumption, fuel costs, monthly costs…)
– Dropbox backup
– Google Drive backup
– Reminders (date, odometer)
– Support for vehicles running on flexible fuel

– Dropbox synchronization (official API)
– Automatic backup with Dropbox (when adding fills or costs)
– Google Drive backup (official API v2)
– Automatic backup with Google Drive (when adding fillings or costs)
– Shortcut (widget) to add pump passes faster
– Costs module allows you to track other expenses of your vehicle (not just fuel)
– Cost statistics – you can define your own categories (care, maintenance, insurance, washing, parking…)
– Summary and statistics of each category
– Cost table (fuel vs other costs, categories, total monthly costs)
– Reporting module – create reports for your vehicle, save them in a text file and share them!

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