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Free Multi Clipboard Manager v4.0.3 (Premium) APK

A Multi Clipboard App Manager platform which is designed for the ultimate organizer users to copy, paste and take important notes which nevertheless simplifies copy paste operations on smartphones.

Problem: You cannot copy multiple sentences together in a smartphone. You cannot copy and keep one sentence at a time. It is also time to over and over again type in everything (name, e-mail, address …. etc) when you need to.

Solution: Using intelligent Multi Clipboard Manager which allows you to copy a number of phrases, keeps them in the stack so that you can use any of them anytime quickly. The Notes feature allows you to write down and save all the details so that you can paste anytime later.

Why multi-platform?

Use this app on smartphones, tablets because this syncs and keeps same content on all devices no matter where you copy and can be accessed from computer as well using web app.

Full App Instruction available at: http://smartmulticlipboard.com/smc.html#/ManageClipboard

What sets us apart:

Launch a new Quick Website (Website) application to access all copied clipboards or notes by signing in with “same” user account that you are logged in to on your mobile device.

• Web App available on: www.smartmulticlipboard.com (also accessible from PC)

• Notes and Clipboard Synchronization between multiple devices with Web Sync Feature.

•multi COPY: The application allows you to copy multiple items at once and automatically store them on the clipboard in the access stack when needed at the predestined location.

• Easy Reach to other applications: The copied content stored on the clipboard is accessible and pasted to other applications directly using Smart Multi Clipboard.

Unlimited: Create unlimited categories, unlimited length of clip content and unlimited notes.

• Easy Reach to other applications: The copied content stored on the clipboard is accessible and pasted to other applications directly using Smart Multi Clipboard.

•Easy OTP Accessibility: The OTP code is copied and read automatically. A notification appears on the screen showing the OTP code to manually enter the desired destination.

• Powerful Bubble: The bubble key opens the Multi App smart clipboard which then allows accessibility of already copied elements. The bubble can be turned on or off using app settings.

* Automatic backup: You don’t need to backup your data every time, SMC does it
* Instant and Easy Access: Access your Notes and Clipboards instantly.
*Compatible with all versions Android 4.4 and above.
* Clipboard Journal: Functions of the clipboard list manager.
* Clipboard Monitor: keeps a history of recorded notes and clipboard.
*Copy paste manager- manage all your copy paste articles.
* Text MANAGER- Manage all your text, regardless of size.
* Easy Copy- Get your text copied easily.

*Notes organize- Organizes all your notes, and it’s easy to search.
* Auto OTP Reader- Read OTP automatically happens.
* Auto OTP detect- will automatically detect OPT without going to the inbox separately.
*Multiple device synchronization- Don’t limit yourself to just one device.
* Connect device synchronizer- multiple device by signing in through through a single Google account on the app.
* Direct copy and paste- You just copy paste automatically follows.
*Best app for copy paste- Haste free app that lets you enjoy copy paste.
* Great text copy paste app- Don’t worry about text limit or notes.

Let us know your feedback:
We tend to provide better services to our users and we appreciate your feedback!

Whether you have a bug report, complaint, concern, suggestion or enthusiastic review, please let us know at smartmulticlipboard@gmail.com because the latter helps us improve our app or gives us immense feelings. that we love to work for!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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