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FOTO Gallery v4.00.29 (Premium) APK

Why move photos so uncomfortably?

Tired of scrolling down, down, down … to find the preferred folder.
You want to set the back cover with the photo that flatters you.
You worry about the background of the app.

The advantages of FOTO Gallery are as follows.

Amazing organizing method: organize your photos from any album with one touch (no automatic organization.)

Trash Folder: Recover photos deleted by mistake.

multiple sorting options: supports multiple sorting options, such as creation time or added time, name and personalization (drag and drop).

No background work: saves battery and does not upload personal information.

Hide / Exclude Private Folders: Supports hide and exclude functions using passwords and fingerprints.

Set Favorite Photo as Folder Cover: You can specify a folder cover as your desired image.

Tag and expand: You can tag and search photos or videos.

Move files and folders: Easily move files and folders with one or two keystrokes

Create & Play GIF: Create GIF from Video, Play GIF like PC

Editing Tool: Use editing tools to apply filters to photos and videos, or to adjust brightness, crop, and rotate.

Change app theme: change app theme to white or black

FOTO Gallery is an application that makes it easy to manage all your photos and videos.

[Reason for requesting permissions] WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE To move photos or videos, rename, create a folder

READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE To display photos and folders

GET_ACCOUNTS To check the purchase history. Use it in encrypted form (hash).

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