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Forest: Stay focused v4.58.0 Mod (Premium) Apk

2018 The best of personal development on Google Play in France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Japan, Korea, India and Thailand!

A simple and interesting way to help you focus and get into the habit of being efficient.

《The best app of the year》 on Google Play in 2015 and 2016
《Team choice》 in the Productivity category on Google Play in 2018


1. Plant a tree seed in Forest, staying focused on the job or study. Your seed will gradually grow to a tree.
2. Resist the temptation so that your tree does not wither.
3. Have a forest full of trees that you plant every day. Trees are your schedule.
4. Pick up your smartphone for a period of time with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.


1. Stay focused

– Focus on the most important jobs in life
– Make your forest dense with your time well spent

2. Gain feelings of accomplishment:

– Share your achievement and have a competition with your family, friends, or even users around the world
– Earn gold coins to buy more trees
– Earn additional prizes by completing missions
– Plant a real tree with Trees for the Future

3. Have a personal relationship:

– Set your own labels to watch the time distribution on each mission and manage your time well
– Watch your weekly, monthly and annual forest
– Track your time and usage on your smartphone
– Watch your Forest focus process with the timeline
– Import your concentration time into the Health application on your smartphone


1. Forest Android is a compatible app on Android devices, you can use it on different devices after paying once. However, if you want to download or unlock the other versions, you need to pay again. You can synchronize your account and your data on different devices. We also offer extensions for web browsers, take a look at our website: www.forestapp.cc!

2. Due to budget limitation, each account could plant 5 actual trees at most. Also, there are activities where you can plant more real trees, so stay with us for new information on social media or in the app!


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