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Fluenz v2.6.0 (Unlocked) APK

The fastest way to speak a new language, not just memorize words and phrases.

3 reasons why Flins is worth it:

1. Designed for English speakers

The only language learning software designed specifically for English speakers. Learn to speak Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin, German or Portuguese anytime, anywhere. Each lesson contains a video explanation of what you will learn and shows you the additions and the ins and outs of the language you are learning. Then jump straight into reading, writing and listening with increasingly complex exercises designed to make the information “stick”. Learning a new language is not automatic but with the right tools and the right explanations that you have access to.

2. Total approach

Videos on streaming and gaming platforms like language apps are helpful but not sufficient to achieve fluency. To truly learn a new language, you need a fully integrated platform that (a) explains how your new language works every step of the way, b) provides tips and tricks English speakers need to speak and understand this new language, and c) links these explanations directly to the exercises Many flashcards that bring you to fluency.

3. Proven results

Unique among digital programs, Fluenz puts its curriculum to the test every month with some of the world’s most demanding learners at its face-to-face immersion program in Mexico City. Ten years later, hundreds of thousands of users, and several comprehensive updates, Fluenz continues to garner positive reviews, critical acclaim, and accolades for those serious about learning Spanish.



Learn on the go with instant syncing, downloadable lessons, podcasts and flashcards, all in the app. And because sometimes we need a bigger screen, we get automatic access to the full desktop version online, or also to the downloadable desktop.


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