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File Translator Subtitle srt txt xml stl lrc smi v1.38 (Ad-Free) (Unlocked) APK

A free file translator that allows you to easily translate regular files and especially subtitle files for movies and series in many formats, such as used on YouTube or Netflix and others

The supported file formats are srt, smi, txt, xml and a.s. s, dfxp, rt, sbv, stl, vtt, sub, (MicroDvd, SubViewer), txt (Quick Time Text), lrc
📹 📺 🎵 🎶


✓Free translation app
✓There is no limit to translating files
✓Works on regular phone, tablet or TV
✓Supports Android 4.1 and above
✓Translate translation files
✓Supports YouTube and Netflix subtitles
✓Supports subtitles for movies and series

✓ Save the translated file in the file name with the language

Ease of use

✅The application is very easy to use ● Select the file ● Select the language ● Translate
👍That’s it
🔴However, some other features added to the application may find useful
📃Open the supported files outside the application by sharing to the application
📃➡ Share the translated file through many means, including e-mail, WhatsApp, and others
📂You can open the translated file directly after translation with any other application that supports the translated file format, or you can view its content from the application

🗂 You have the option to use your device’s file picker or designer from the app
🔤 You can set your default language for translation

Delete and replace list
❌ 🔃
You can now set your own action list to delete / replace unwanted content before translation based on your set of conditions. Which can be turned on and off
More explanation with instagram examples SimpleFileTranslator Please feel free to contact me

View your own file and translated file

🔎 💾
You can view the content of the file of your choice and you can apply deletion or replacement in its content without translation and then save it as a new file. The original file will not be altered

✓ Supported languages ​​for translation

Afrikaans, Shqip, አማርኛ, Arabic, Հայերեն, Azərbaycanca / Azerbaijan, Euskara, Беларуская, বাংলা, Bosanski, Български, Català, Sinugboanong Binisaya, Chi-Chewa, 中文, 中國 傳統 的, Corski, Č Hrves, English , Esperanto, Eesti, Tagalog, Suomi, Français, Frysk, Galego, ქართული, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, ગુજરાતી, Krèyol ayisyen, Hausa, Hawai`i, עברית, हिन्दी, Hmong, Magyar, Íslenska, Igaeo, Bagea Indonesia, G , 日本語, Javanese, ಕನ್ನಡ, Қазақша, ភាសាខ្មែរ, Kinyarwandi, 한국어, Kurdî / Kurdi, Kırgızca / Кыргызча, ລາວ / Pha xa lao, Latina, Latvasyšu, Lietuvių, Lëtzebuerhas, bilay, Lietuvių, Lëtzebuerhasd, ка Malti, Māori, मराठी, Монгол, Myanmasa, नेपाली, Norsk (bokmål / riksmål), ଓଡ଼ିଆ, to, Persian, Polski, Português, ਪੰਜਾਬੀ / पंजाबी / Punjabi, Român, Русский, Gagana, Русский, Gagana a, Русский, Gagana n, Русский, Gagana пn, Русский, Gagana п, Русский, Gagana n सिनधि, සිංහල, Slovenčina, Slovenščina, Soomaaliga, Español, Basa Sunda, Kiswahili, Svenska, Тоҷикӣ, தமிழ், Tatarça, తెలుగు, ไทย / Phasa Thai, Türkçe, Туркмен / Turkmen, Українська, кранська, Urdu, Uyƣurqə / egrۇ, ệra, C Cb, י,, Ў,, ra,


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