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File Manager Pro TV USB OTG v5.1.5 (Paid) APK

AnExplorer File Explorer is the only file manager for TV and Watch file management tool.

It’s a simple, fast and efficient little file explorer. Only file manager supports RTL and shows folder sizes on storage. It’s designed for all devices, including phones, tablets, watches, and TVs. It is fully designed with material design.

Main features
★ Full functionality It provides full file management functionality including cut, delete, rename, compress, extract. You can check the full built-in search for file details in the file system.
★ All in one manager is available for all types of Android devices like Phone Tablet Phablet TV Watch and Laptop.
★ Smart Library Explorer Categorize all files into Downloads from Internet Bluetooth from nearby devices Pictures Images Camera Photos Videos Movies Audio Music Documents (pdf Xls ppt etc.) Archives (zip rar etc.).

★ External Storage File Manager Access all files and folders from different types of storages like Cars EMMC MMC SD Cards Internal Storage External Storage Phone Memory USB Storage USB Flash Drive OTG USB Flash Drives with support for one FAT file system. Fully support storage access framework and copy/paste between all storages
★ Network File Manager Transfer files with FTP server from phone to computer. All you have to do is open the IP address in the browser and all your files on the phone are easily accessible from the PC. You can also share files from your phone using direct BlueTooth wifi from other social media apps etc. You can also browse FTP/FTPS connection now.
★ Cloud Storage Manager All files in Cloud Storage can be managed. You can create folders upload and delete files. View photos and videos directly.
★ Root File Manager allowing advanced users to explore editing, copy-pasting and deleting files in the root partition of phone storage for development purposes. Explore system root folders like data cache.

★ TV File Manager, you can use it to browse internal storage and TV storages. You can cut/copy-paste files, check media and play movies from local storage or USB drives.
★ Watch file explorer, you can use it to browse internal storage and port storages. You can cut/copy-paste files, check media and zip/unzip files. You can also clear RAM and manage your apps on the watch.

★ Chromecast file manager, you can use it to play local media on your Chromecast device like Home TV or other Chromecast devices.
★ RAM & Junk Cleaner – Boost your mobile speed, optimize phone memory by freeing up RAM and giving you a faster and more responsive device.
★ App Manager and Process Manager Quickly and easily uninstall multiple unwanted apps and free up valuable phone storage space.
★ Document editor, you can easily edit files on the go. Support for all types of text files like HTML XHTML TXT etc.
★ Chat Messages File Manager helps you organize your media for storage space in your phone like Photos Gifs Videos Audio Stickers Documents and everything easily.
★ Wifi Easy-share file manager helps you easily transfer files between Android devices. Supports transferring multiple files over Wi-Fi without creating hotspots with devices on the same Wi-Fi network


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