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GeoZilla Find My Family v6.23.14 (Premium) APKl

The GeoZilla family locator allows you to find your family members. It lets you know their current location in real time on a map.

The GeoZilla family locator allows you to:
– Find your family members using the GPS tracker in your phone.
– Know when family members leave or arrive at a place.
– See on the map where your family members have been during the day.
– Assign tasks to family members in GeoZilla.
– Receive reminders when you are near the area of ​​a relevant task that needs to be done that day.
And much more !

Smart location history
Access the location history of a member of your circle every day.

Emergency alert
The GeoZilla Family Finder will instantly notify family members when one is in danger and needs help.

How it works

1. Download and install GeoZilla portable geolocation app.

2. Register in the system.

3. Create the group and invite members by email or join the group by family ID.

4. Help your family members install GeoZilla and accept your invitation.

5. Set location alerts for important places and get notified whenever family members leave or visit them.

Locate a phone, find families to be insured!

What’s new?

GeoZilla is getting better, so update and share your thoughts via support@geozilla.com. Your feedback makes a difference.


Premium Features Unlocked

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