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FaceLab Photo Editor: Gender Swap, Oldify, Toon Me v1.0.21 (Pro) APK

FaceLab Photo Editor is the best free aging and sex changer app with amazing photo filters. Age changing app makes you look older with an older or younger effect. When wondering what it will look like in the future, grow old with the One Touch Aging Filter. FaceLab offers an amazing sex changer where you can change your gender and get a nice photo with the opposite sex. Get lots of likes by sharing your awesome photo collage on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, TikTok, VK and Pinterest.

👵 Face aging application:

FaceLab offers cool photo filters for aging! The aging feature turns you into a cute old man or old woman in seconds. First of all, choose a beautiful image from your photo gallery or take a selfie with the FaceLab selfie camera. Resize your image with FaceLab so you don’t have to crop it when sharing on social media.

🧟 Zombie photo editor:

Swap faces to become a zombie! Zombify your photos instantly and share them on social media to scare your friends. You will love the Make me zombie tool! Special zombie photo editing tools are waiting for you.

Gender change app:

FaceLab photo editor offers a great filter to mix faces so that you can look like the opposite sex! It’s funny to see yourself as a man or a woman. Magic Picture app shows the best results to change gender and become an old man.

👶 Rejuvenating face filters:

With FaceLab, you can become as young as you want. Turn to age 18 whenever you want with filters to get rid of your wrinkles and have smooth skin.

Photo collage:

After applying amazing face filters, old age effect collage of your awesome pictures to create funny Instagram posts.

AI face editor:

The best app for retouching selfies and mixing faces for young and old alike offers Photoshop effects in seconds. Edit photos like a pro with photo filters and change your hairstyle.

🤳 Selfie Camera Effects:

Take a selfie to see funny filters directly on your face thanks to artificial intelligence technology! It is very easy to age and rejuvenate with selfie camera effects.

Charismatic beard filter:

If you can’t grow a beard and mustache, then the awesome beard effect offered by FaceLab image editor is for you. Get the look you want with the amazing filters in the amazing beard app.

Oil paint filter:

Turn your selfie into a work of art to impress your friends. FaceLab offers some great artistic filters for photos. Change your face and make your image look like a painting with oil paint filters.

Turn photo into cartoon:

Cartoon photo editor offers many funny cartoon face filters. Celebrate photos with hilarious cartoon effects to see you as a toon or avatar.

FaceLab Photo Editor is the best AI powered face editor app, it comes with age changer and lots of age filters. You can grow old and change your gender whenever you want with the massive filters. There are also many zombie effects available to zombify photos. Share your funny aged photo on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Tik Tok, VK, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter!

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