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F-Stop Gallery v5.5.57 (Mod) APK

◉ Pro Features Unlocked

F-Stop Gallery Mod APK

F-Stop Gallery License / Unlock Key which removes ads and unlocks some features of the free version of the F-Stop Media Gallery app http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fstop.photo

The free version MUST be installed with this app. It just checks that this key is installed and then removes the ads and unlocks some features. You may need to stop the app completely or restart your device for the key to be recognized.

F-Stop Gallery Features:


Use the powerful and intuitive interface of Google Maps to visualize your media on a map. The PRO version gives full access to scan, edit and share all media visible on the map.


Search results will include all media that match the search criteria instead of the first 10 in the free version.


Save your labels and ratings directly in your JPG images and / or in “sidecar” files for other types of files managed. We use the XMP standard for metadata, so that it can be read by applications like Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, and Windows Live Photo Gallery.


Sort your media in the order you want using drag and drop


Hide and show the elements of the side navigation drawer.


Add an unlimited number of bookmarks to the navigation drawer.


Unlock all the themes to make F-Stop look the way YOU want.

Nested FOLDERS Scan your media according to the folder structure of your device. Very convenient if you organize your media by folders.

Nested ALBUMS Create albums within albums, like nested folders but for albums.


Unlock all Smart Albums conditions like: Number of Tags, Orientation, Media Type, Extension, File Name, Size and all upcoming conditions.


This feature allows you to choose the start-up screen. You can choose from: Folders, Albums, Labels, Ratings etc …

★ Note for Kit Kat users:

Google has prohibited ALL third-party apps from writing to the SD card. We have a workaround that we implemented from v3.1 onwards, but it doesn’t work on all devices including the S5 and some Xperias.

Some additional information:

Enjoy F-Stop Gallery!

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