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Eyes + Vision: eyesight training, exercises, care v1.7.7 (Premium) APK

Eyes + Vision (English name: Eyes + Vision) helps treat eye problems such as amblyopia, accommodation spasm, myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, dry eyes, eye syndrome lazy, blurred vision, fatigue and eye strain, etc. Also helps to improve: well-being, precision, concentration, vitality, performance and stress relief. This is a free eye gymnastics, health and vision activity mobile app.

Improve your eyesight thanks to the application’s features:

✓ 10 vision balanced variable workouts ready to use for daily needs, prevention and treatment aid for eye diseases.

✓ My Workouts mode to create your personal programs with any exercises and settings of your choice or the recommendations of the ophthalmologist for the treatment of the vision.

✓Over 130 eye exercises with the option to prohibit any exercise that does not suit you. All the exercises are animated, there are additional tips: graphics, voice, text and video.

✓ The widest range of exercises for eye gymnastics: improve blood circulation, relax optic muscles, relieve fatigue and tension, and your favorite relaxation exercises!

✓Convenient personalization of the training schedule.

✓ 11 comfortable GUI themes. And of course, big fonts and images for your convenience!

List of workouts ready:

• Amblyopia – training to correct lazy eye (for example, with strabismus). Use it after consulting an optometrist!

• Dry Eye is a workout for daily needs. Perform it if your eyes are under prolonged stress (for example, when working at a computer) or if you have Dry Eye Syndrome.

•Accommodation is a workout that helps prevent myopia and hyperopia, cope with accommodation spasms, relax ciliary muscles and relieve eye strain. Use it in consultation with your optometrist!

• General Fast, General Medium and General Large are eye training for daily needs. It is ocular stimulation and restorative prophylaxis against visual impairment. It is recommended that you do a General Quick workout every 2 hours during the working day. General Medium or General Large should preferably be done once a day.

• Myopia is a premium workout that eliminates accommodation spasm, reduces tension in the ciliary muscles and the lens of the eye, helps deteriorate vision in the distance, and relieves false myopia.

•Hyperopia is a premium workout that trains the ciliary muscles of the eyes to prevent the development of presbyopia and helps fight farsightedness and visual impairment up close.

• Precision is a premium workout for everyday needs. This is a short workout to improve visual acuity and concentration (for sports, work, driving, etc.)

• Anti stress is a premium workout for daily needs. Perform it during or after a hard day to calm your eyes, relax, or relieve stress.

CAUTION: There are contraindications. Consult your optometrist for a list of permitted exercises!.


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