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Equalizer & Bass Booster Pro v1.6.0 (Paid) APK

The Global Bass Booster and Equalizer (Eq & Bass) enhance the sound quality of your Android device, providing bass boosters and virtual 3D surround sound. The Equalizer and Bass Booster (Eq & Bass) making the sound of your Android device has never been better.

The Equalizer sound amplifier and bass amplifier (Eq & Bass) is also an excellent volume amplifier, speaker amplifier. You can use a bluetooth speaker to listen to music.

The bass master and volume booster allow you to adjust the sound quality and get the best sound or audio effect from your device.

The Equalizer and Bass Booster (Eq & Bass) consists of volume gain sliders, bass boosters, virtual 3D surround sound, and five-band EQs.

Use headphones to get the best sound effects.

Music Equalizer: Bass Booster Features:

✔ Bass Boost effect (Bass)
✔ Five band equalizer (Eq)
✔ virtualizer effect (3D)
✔10 equalizer presets (Eq presets)
✔ 5 visual spectra (Eq spectra)
✔ Music playback control
✔ Listen to great music no matter which audio player you use
✔ Stereo led meter
✔ home screen widget
✔ Listen to great music
✔ home screen widget

Equalizer & Bass Booster (Eq & Bass) is easy to install and use to work with all music and video players:

Work for music or audio, improve sound quality

* Turn on the music or audio (video) player and listen to music
* Activate the Bass Booster & Equalizer app and adjust the sound level and frequency.
* Put on headphones or speakers for best results
* Close the application by the close button of the notification.


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