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Eon Player Pro v5.8.2 (Paid) APK

Please DO NOT purchase this app, but get the FREE version of the app, then “Upgrade” to “Pro” from within the app. This version exists only to support users who bought the app when there were two different versions.

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro is minimal, feature rich, highly customizable and one of the cleanest Audio materials – MP3 Player.

Adaptive during reading:

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro includes an adaptive user interface feature, which allows Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro to adapt the current playing background colors according to the album art of the current track. reading course.

Adaptive widgets:

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro also includes an option to create a homescreen widget to adapt the color according to the album art of the currently playing track.


Option to customize the home screen which includes the following sections by default:
Tracks, Albums, Artists, Playlists, Genre and Folder View.
You have the option of removing any page from the Home screen or changing the order in which they appear.

Easy navigation & amp; Quick checks:

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro gives you easy-to-use navigation, quick controls and well-formatted drop-down menus. Everything is exactly where you need / expect it. There is no mess and there are hardly any hidden or complex menus which make it one of the cleanest Material Design Audio – MP3 Player.

Folder view:

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro gives you access to all your audio files with a list of all folders containing audio files. Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro also includes a hierarchical view of folders.


Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro offers you 9 preset themes (clear, dark, black, transparent (gloss), midnight blue, dark brown, black, deep purple and Ubuntu) to customize Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro to customize it as you like. ‘love. Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro also includes a built-in Theme Maker which allows you to create as many themes as you want.

Player Screen Skins:

With Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro you have the ability to customize the player screen, two Player skins (themes) provided in the free version and three more options in Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro version.

Android ™ Auto Support:

Eon Music Player lets you take your music library with you on the go, connect through Android ™ Auto, and enjoy your music with Eon Music Player.

Standard features:

– Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro supports all popular formats such as mp3 – aac – ogg – wav – m4a – flac
– Design Audio Equipment – Clean and clutter-free MP3 player.
– Equalizer
– Folder filters
– Search option
– Edit tags.
– Home screen widget in 12 sizes.
– Notification / lock screen controls.
– Create, edit and listen to playlists.
– Automatic download of missing album art in high quality.
– Personalize the home screen.
– Quick navigation.
– Eon Audio – MP3 Player supports Android JellyBean to Android Q.

Permissions explained:

Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro must follow

To play audio files.

To save downloaded album artwork for later use.

To download album artwork.

To continue playing when the device is in standby mode.

To set a clip as a ringtone.

To check if there is a data type
login before attempting to download the album artwork.

To be notified when a new call arrives or when
you hang up a call in progress.

Coming soon:

Tablet support.
More languages.

If something is not working, please report it using the contact menu of Eon Audio Player Pro.


Please note that:
– Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro does NOT allow you to download Music, and we do not encourage illegal Music downloads.
– Eon Audio – MP3 Player Pro does NOT allow you to stream music.


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