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Easy Unlock – Smart Screen On Off v1.7 Mod Unlocked APK

Turn on the screen, turn off the screen too easy with Easy Unlock. When using smart phone, normally you need to press Home / Power button to screen lock or unlock screen. And over time, the Home / Power button may be weakened. Let’s do using Easy Unlock app with many features: Wave to lock, wave unlock, shake to lock, shake to unlock, flip to turn screen on / off.

Easy Unlock uses device sensors, very suitable for devices with weak Home / Power button. You can protect Home / Power Button with Easy Unlock. Drain less battery and easy to use:
– Flip your phone over, you can set the number of times you need to flip the phone. Besides, Easy Unlock can detect when your device has been knocked over in backpack, pocket …, it will unlock screen when user flip phone.
– Wave your hand on the proximity sensor, you can set the number of seconds you need to wave your hand. In my opinion, you shouldn’t use the wave function to lock the screen, due to Easy Unlock maybe detect wrong when you use the device and run your hand over the proximity sensor by mistake.
– Shake your phone, you can set the number of times you need to shake the phone. As the Flip Easy Unlock function only unlock on the screen when user shake the phone.

You can use the wave function To unlock, Flip to lock or Unlock Shake to set for easy way to lock screen, unlock screen.

This app uses the device administrator permission. The security policy we ask for is “Lock the device immediately”. We need this because this security policy, the app can lock the screen (turn off the screen) without power button. If you allow this permission, you won’t be able to uninstall the app until you disable it. You can disable this permission in the setting screen of this app or just disable the lock screen feature.

– This app support Android 4.0+
– To use this app, your device must have accelerometer sensor or proximity sensor.
– If you want using the screen lock function, you must activate this function in the facility.
– If you use applications like Task Killer, Memory Booster, Battery Manager …, it may stop this service. Please whitelist the app to work better.
– app will automatically turn off sensors when not in use to save battery. That is, if you use the accelerometer sensor to unlock the screen, then when the screen is unlocked, the app disables the sensor.

I recommend that you need to use a way to turn on the screen and a way to turn off the screen (i.e. wave to unlock, shake to lock). Because if you use a lot of ways, it can drain more battery.

Thank you for using Easy Unlock. For any questions please contact by email: lta1292@gmail.com

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