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Duaas and Surahs v4.5.6 Mod (VIP) APK

This application basically includes the subjects such as Prayers to be read in Prayer, Prayer Times, Ablution, Azan, Prayer, Esma-ul Husna and their Meanings, Hadiths, Fasting Guide, Conditions of Islam and Conditions of Faith.

Prayers and Surahs are available both audibly and visually.

You can add the dhikrs you want with the Zikir Matik feature. You can easily follow your dhikr.

With the application, you can also follow the Prayer Times according to your region.
(It makes it easy for you to follow the Iftar and Imsak Times, especially in Ramadan.)

Prayers and Surahs reciting : Hafiz Davut KAYA

The Holy Quran without Internet:
Arabic, Turkish recitation and translation of the entire Holy Quran

Habit Tracking:
You can track your daily habits with the Habit Tracking feature. In addition, the application gives you daily reminders.

Live Broadcast (Kaaba):
You can watch Kaaba live. Apart from the Kaaba, Islamic publications will also be offered to our users.

* Subhaneke
* Meat-Tahiyyatu
* Salli
* baric
* Rabbana
* Rabbenafirli
* 1. 2. Kunut
* Creed

Salah Surahs:
 * Surah Al-Fil
 * Surah Al-Quraysh
 * Surah Al-Ma’un
 * Surah Al-Kawthar
 * Surah Al-Kafirun
 * Surah An-Nasr
 * Surah Al-Lahab
 * Surah Al-Ikhlas
 * Surah Al-Falaq
 * Surah An-Náas
 * Surah Ayatal Kursi
 * Surah Al-Qadr
 * Surah At-Takathur
 * Surah Al-Asr
 * Surah Al-Humazah
 * Surah Amana Rasul
 * Surah Ad-Duhaa
 * Surah Al-Inshirah
 * Surah At-Tin
 * Surah Al-Alaq
 * Surah Al-Bayyinah
 * Surah Al-Zilzal
 * Surah Al-Adiat
 * Surah Al-Qariah
 * Surah Al-Hashr
 * Surah Yasin
 * Huvallahullezi (Hashr 22–24)

Prayer Times: Prayer Times of your region
* Sun
* Imsak
* Noon
* Afternoon
* Evening
* Night

Call to prayer:
* What is Azan?
* Azan Prayer
* Adhan Words and Meaning
* Listening to Adhan 5 times

* What?
* How to Buy?
* What Are Their Etiquettes?
* What are the Disruptive Situations?
* What are the Non-Destructive Situations?
* What is Ghusl Ablution?
* Fards and Sunnahs of Ghusl
* Conditions that are Permissible to Do Without Ghusl
* How to apply ritual ablution of the whole body
* When is Ghusl Obligatory
* What is Tayammum?
* Main Conditions Requiring Tayammum
* Fards and Sunnahs of Tayammum
* How to do Tayammum

* What
* Varieties
* Times
* Rakats
* Fards
* Wajibs
* Sunnahs
* Disruptive Things
* Makruhs
* Eid prayer
* Funeral Prayer
* Taraweeh Prayer
* Accident Prayer
* 5 times prayer
* Prayer for Men
* Prayer for Ladies

Dhikr Matik:
* Meaning of Dhikr
* Dhikr Benefit
* Number of Dhikr Targets

Fasting Guide:
* Fasting and Its Parts
* Fasting – Accident
* Fasting – Accident – Penance
* Fasting – Makruh
* Does not break the fast
* Hadith and Verses about Fasting
(The Fasting Guide is a guide that you can use in your pocket, especially during Ramadan.)

Online Dhikr & Prayer:
It is a page of dhikr or prayer that is shared with other users in the Prayer and Surahs application.

Prayer Requests:
It allows everyone to share your prayers and pray for you by sharing your prayers with other users in the Prayer and Surahs application.
You can also comment and like the prayers made.

Islamic Radio:
With the radio feature, Islamic radio channels with religious content have been added. You can continue to listen to Live Religious Radios in the background. Islamic Radio Contents, on the other hand, can be listed as content such as Live Quran, Live Prayer, Live Verses, Hymns.

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