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DS Speedometer v7.06 (Pro) APK

Welcome to the new DS speedometer page!

DS Speedometer represents a whole new generation of speedometers with special features for the latest Android devices!

The app is a high performance accurate speedometer and odometer with digital and analog controls including a drum odometer that rolls the numbers just like an old car.

Use the app to replace or increase the information provided by your car or truck’s speedometer. The speedometer can also be used to check the accuracy of your vehicle’s speedometer when driving at a constant speed.

In addition to keeping track of your speed and distance traveled, the speedometer also shows your average speed, your maximum speed and includes a compass and a clock. There are 2 odometers – one for the trip and one for the total distance.

Drive safely, avoid speeding tickets, and lower your auto insurance rates using the app’s speed alerts.

Choose from 2 different tachometers: a metric tachometer and an American tachometer.

The bike doesn’t have a speedometer and odometer? This is the app for you! Just make sure you mount the phone safely on your bike.

Also includes:

– Night HUD mode (head-up display).
– Speed ​​alarm. Avoid speeding tickets, drive safely, and keep your auto insurance premiums as low as possible.
– Free route recorder and trip recorder. Map and get statistics for all your trips. Ideal for business travel and vacation planning.
– Odometer in the background to track the distance traveled when the app is not in the foreground.
– Digital odometer and pre-digital drum odometer that works like the real deal.

⍟ Note: If you are looking for a pedometer or odometer and speedometer for walking or running, please download our Walking Odometer Pro app instead. Get it for free from Google Play at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.discipleskies.android.pedometer


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